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Since they sleep on the ocean surface, sea otters wrap themselves in giant kelp to keep from floating away.

Learn more about these furry ocean creatures here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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It's #TurtleTuesday! Did you know that leatherback turtles have specialized spikes in their mouths? This allows the turtle to ensnare its prey and ensures that it doesn't escape after the turtle bites down.

Learn more about these soft-shelled turtles here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Right now, environmental groups and local fisherman are racing to stop Chile's latest "sacrifice" to industry.

Mining and Port Megaprojects Threaten World's Largest Colony of Humboldt Penguins

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Put your fish knowledge to the test. via Global Fishing Watch

Hook Line and Thinker

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"One theory is that in the wild, if for some reason males can't have contact with the females for one breeding season, they can keep their lineage going for one or two seasons [through asexual reproduction], until they can reproduce the traditional way."

Zebra shark surprises scientists by giving birth without male

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Deadline tonight. Southern Resident orcas are slipping toward extinction and a primary threat to their survival is the lack of food.

Add your name before 11:59 p.m. tonight to help save endangered Southern Resident orcas from starvation and extinction. bit.ly/2iteatW
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Sea ice serves as the foundation of multiple unique, but overlapping, marine communities. The ice surface is important habitat for seabirds, such as penguins, that use it for mating, caring for their young, and resting between trips feeding underwater. #PenguinAwarenessWeek

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Press "paws" on whatever you're doing because you don't miss this close-up video of polar bears in action.

Press paws: point-of-view camera reveals polar bears in action – video

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A moray eel pokes its head out from the rocky ocean floor. As a nocturnal predator, moray eels keep their mouths open in order to gather water which allows them to breathe.

Learn why these eerie eels are some of the most underappreciated fish in the ocean: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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“This footage reveals a habitat that is productive, colourful, dynamic and full of a wide variety of biodiversity, including sponges, sea spiders, urchins, sea cucumbers and sea stars.”

Robots capture rare footage of marine life beneath Antarctic ice sea

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Fishing goes beyond food and income. For many families in the Philippines, the sea offers a deep cultural connection to the sea. But after decades of overfishing, pollution, and a burgeoning population, Tañon's fishing families hope their traditional livelihoods can survive. Learn how we're working in the Philippines to achieve sustainable fisheries and healthy oceans for the benefit of all...
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An ice-free Arctic summer? It might be sooner than you thought.

Thawing Arctic is turning oceans into graveyards

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Just last week, we sadly learned that the world's oldest known orca, fondly called "Granny," was announced missing and presumed dead. The loss of Granny leaves only 78 orcas remaining in the endangered Southern Resident population.

Add your name before 11:59 p.m. on Monday to help save endangered Southern Resident orcas from starvation and extinction: bit.ly/2iteatW
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It’s Seabird Saturday! The laughing gull is known to steal food from other predators, but there’s one bird that they especially enjoy snatching from. Do you know which one? Find out here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Following a mass bleaching even on Australia's Great Barrier Reef last summer, Japan's Environment Ministry has found that over two-thirds of Japan's biggest coral reef is dead.

Japan's biggest coral reef is almost completely dead

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Chambered Nautilus only live in the outermost chamber of their shell. The other chambers are filled with gas that helps the chambered nautilus remain neutrally buoyant, giving it the ability to hover in the water. Learn more here: bit.ly/2jceIpa
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The ocean is still home to treasure troves of biodiversity, and evidence is mounting that protecting such significant local areas builds resilience to climate change—and can even help regenerate what has been lost.

Why It's Important to Save Our Seas' Last Pristine Places

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What will Big Oil taking the reins of government mean for our oceans and marine life? We can’t afford to find out.

Tell your senator to oppose President-elect Trump’s anti-ocean cabinet nominees, before we pay the price. bit.ly/2j1YX1J