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Orcas are iconic in our oceans, but a unique clan of them are slipping towards extinction off the U.S. West Coast because they don't have enough to eat.

Add your name now to save these endangered orcas for #WildlifeConservationDay: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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It only takes a few clicks to save sharks. This #WildlifeConservationDay, help us put a nationwide ban on the trade of shark fins and protect these top predators worldwide: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Today is #WildlifeConservationDay and we have an ocean full of animals to celebrate. But, the sad truth is, a lot of ocean wildlife is at risk of disappearing forever.

Today, we're highlighting some of the ocean's most at-risk species and easy ways you can help protect them. Start by saving dolphins from seismic airguns here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Did you know that seagulls are a cosmopolitan species? These seabirds breed on every continent in the world! Learn more for Seabird Saturday here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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It took three years for this photographer to capture a single picture of these furry pups, but we'd say it was well worth the wait!

This Waving Seal Pup Will Melt Your Heart

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Play a round of Who's Who with Hungry Shark Evolution​ to unlock a new mini game and jawesome shark fact!
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One of the biggest threats to our environment is our growing global population, which by 2050 could exceed nine billion people. Restoring the world's fisheries is a critical part of the solution.

Our Oceans Hold the Key to One of the World’s Biggest Challenges

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In the chilly Northern Hemisphere, Arctic waters are home to powerful bowhead whales, a large species of baleen whale that has a diet for some pretty small organisms, like plankton.

Bowhead Whale

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Greet the start of December with one of our favorite cold-weather creatures- the polar bear! [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Oceana Chile just launched a proposal to phase-out destructive bottom trawling, a fishing method that rips through sensitive seafloor habitats and leaves fish and other species without safe underwater homes. Learn more about the measure here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Check out these awesome gifts that will make your friends (and our oceans) very happy this holiday season!

10 Gifts That Help Our Oceans

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During Oceana Europe's Deep-Sea Lebanon Project, scientists explored previously unstudied areas of Lebanon and even caught the first record of a lantern shark in the Mediterranean.

Rare species found during Deep-Sea Lebanon Project first-ever surveys of submarine canyons

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It's Whale Wednesday! Read up on the humpback whale here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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What's not to love about sea otters? They have the thickest fur of any animal, spend all their time in the ocean and even hold hands with each other while sleeping. Adopt your own sea otter to cuddle up with this season: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Parts of the Great Barrier Reef has seen devastating loss this year, but the good news is that offshore parts of the reef are faring better than the coastal side.

Scientists chart a 400-mile zone of coral devastation at the Great Barrier Reef

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This Turtle Tuesday, check out our favorite shots of sea turtles from around the world. [ Bit.ly Link ]
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For #GivingTuesday, Discovery Channel is matching every donation made to Oceana, up to $20,000. Make your gift go twice as far for the ocean's most threatened creatures by donating before midnight tonight!

Double Your Impact on Giving Tuesday!

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Cure the afternoon slump with this adorable polar bear cub experiencing snow for the very first time!

Watch This Cute Polar Bear Cub Experience Snow for the First Time

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A unique clan of orcas off the U.S. West Coast are slipping towards extinction. Add your name today to help restore a major food source for these endangered orcas before it's too late. [FIXED LINK]

Save Endangered Orcas from Starvation

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You're not the only one who would rather be sleeping this morning! The Hawaiian monk seal loves to sleep, day or night. Learn more here: [ Bit.ly Link ]