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You could be watching the golden statues handed out with a home sound system that is out of this world.

Win a BOSE SoundTouch 300 soundbar!

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We're catching up with Ewan McGregor & Johnny Lee Miller from T2 Trainspotting soon, so thought it'd be great to find out what you'd most like to ask them about being in the film.

Add your q's in the comments, and we'll try to squeeze is as many as possible.
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Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a big television, choose washing machines, cars, compact disc players.

Choose see Danny Boyle's #T2Trainspotting on Friday! po.st/sQephP
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Tomorrow's the day for Screen Unseen. Have you guessed what it is yet?
Clue 1: "Robinson removed influences rhythms?"
Clue 2: " $179.4m for the peak flat pack version"
Clue 3: "Namesake visual for armed vets"
Clue 4: "Cash coin denominator"

See the mystery movie for just £5 [ Po.st Link ]
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Coming soon. Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge tells the extraordinary true story of a conscientious objector that goes to war as a medic: po.st/5oIkzL

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The best gangster film of all time. (Rebuttals in the comments)

Join us for a one-off screening of 'Goodfellas', Martin Scorsese's gritty mafia masterpiece starring Robert De Niro, Tuesday 24 Jan.

Book now at po.st/FvAUwg
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When you book to see the #SingMovie, you could win a professional recording session for up to 8 friends (/ backup singers) po.st/6bGtN9
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Wow! It is 11 years today since Underworld: Evolution was released in the UK!

Have you seen the new #UnderworldMovie yet? po.st/hXaQSE
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Final Screen Unseen clue time...Here it is: "Cash coin denominator"

Even if you still can't guess what the film is. Why not book yourself a surprise film to look forward to for Monday?
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Ahhh, the old friends are back together: joy, sorrow, love, regret, longing, diamorphine, mortal danger and self-destruction.

#T2Trainspotting: po.st/sQephP
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Hugh Jackman is back to his defining role for the final time in ‘Logan’. So, to give him the send-off he deserves, we're giving away a trip to Cancun, Mexico for two people!

Book your film tickets online now to be in with a chance of winning. Details: [ Po.st Link ]
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Hey, it's time for the third Screen Unseen clue:
"Namesake visual for armed vets"

Are you any closer to guessing that is is? Book tickets for the Jan 23rd mystery film po.st/21DaOT
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Have you guessed what the next ODEON Screen Unseen film is? If not, here's clue 2: " $179.4m for the peak flat pack version".

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#LALALAND is a tribute to all the dreamers working hard to follow their passion. A must-see, it was written by Damien Chazelle at a time the movie industry seemed out of his reach.

Not seen it yet? Head this way... po.st/xQlDLv
There's something pretty special about seeing a film before it officially comes out.

Here's a clue to give you a hint: "Robinson removed influences rhythms?"

See a mystery movie for a fiver!

Time for the final Scream Unseen clue. You ready?
Clue 4: "Fore’s also this fella"
Still time to book tickets for tomorrow's screening: po.st/LxWrw1
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Need another clue for Jan 16's Scream Unseen movie?
Ok. Clue 3: "It’s after Sundown…"

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