Horizon Zero Dawn is just around the corner, and we spotted an interesting Kojima quote that came out of RTX Sydney (via PlayStation Blog). “I visited many studios all around the world, meeting many great people. Guerrilla Games in Amsterdam: their technology was just a league ahead of everywhere else.”
A quick heads up for the VR enabled: Dirt Rally's PS VR update has gone live. We took it for a quick sideways test and the results were quite pleasing.

Dirt Rally + PSVR [PS4P]

Takes some getting used to (hence the barrier kisses) but totally worth the money.

Clear out your shame pile while you can. Horizon is just around the corner.
Speaking of unexpected Valentines surprises, this one cut through our surly defences and went straight for the heart. Like a sweet For Honor execution. Well played, Ubi Australia.
Awww, thanks Sony Australia. Happy Valentines day everybody. May you all find a second player.
CAPTION THIS! Most amusing take on Aloy sizing up a target makes the mag!
STOREFRONT TIME! Scan your games collection and tell us what you added to it recently (and whether it was worth the money). Best answers go into issue 132!
Why the hiatus? We've been in the North of Sweden (and the UK) most of this month gathering sweet, exclusive hands on content for a range of titles. Here's a sneak peek of our exploits.

Project Cars 2: Real Ice Driving vs The Virtual [Media event]

3 days spent driving Mercs on a frozen lake. Good times. More gameplay vids on the channel soon...

CAPTION THIS! The most amusing take on this Sniper Elite 4 scene will make it into the mag.
STOREFRONT TIME! Over the course of the holidays we're sure you've upgraded to new games. What did you buy? Was it worth it? Sound off, space marine. The best comments go into the next issue!
Will Gravity Rush 2 turn your world upside down and start 2017 off the right way? See for yourself. Here's the opening 2 hours of it...
[ Youtube.com Link ]

Gravity Rush 2 [PS4] First mins

We're back from our holiday (spent mostly in Skyrim) and in the interim OPS 130 has hit shelves. Grab a copy to see the best games of 2016 ranked, and the most drool-worthy stuff of 2017 revealed. Out of curiosity: what did we all play over the break?