Fresh from the rumour mill: promotional images of the next CoD are now circulating online. Call of Duty: WWII is the name of this next instalment, according to a leaked image. If this is indeed the direction Activision is taking, who's up for some good old-fashioned Nazi killin'?
Seems Destiny 2 will be coming in September (according to this leaked retail poster). Quick survey: Who'll be steering clear of it and who's keen?
But especially if you're a PlayStation Plus member. Then it gets a little bit ridiculous....

Sony's Australian PlayStation Store Sale Is Very, Very Good
Prey: the game where any mundane object in the world could actually be a creature waiting to jack-in-the-box and kill you. We'd play that.

Prey – Typhon Research

Learn more about the music, aliens and powers featured in Prey on Something has gone very, very wrong aboard Talos I. What...

According to Japanese outlets Gematsu and Gamestalk, Sony will "soon" stop the PS3's production in its home country. 10-year lifespan. 83+ million units. Good innings.
CAPTION THIS! Funniest take on this cartel beatdown will be immortalised in the next issue.
STOREFRONT TIME! If you've visited your local merchant to buy a game lately, what was it, and would you recommend it others? Best answers go into OPS issue 133.
Ghost Recon is out and the best way to play it is with like-minded lunatics. Here's a short look at co-op in the early missions.

Ghost Recon Wildlands [PS4P] Review Code Co-op Session

Friggin' around in final code (early missions)

This we like.
The latest issue of OPS is out! Collect it today and broaden your Horizon.
Horizon Zero Dawn is just around the corner, and we spotted an interesting Kojima quote that came out of RTX Sydney (via PlayStation Blog). “I visited many studios all around the world, meeting many great people. Guerrilla Games in Amsterdam: their technology was just a league ahead of everywhere else.”
A quick heads up for the VR enabled: Dirt Rally's PS VR update has gone live. We took it for a quick sideways test and the results were quite pleasing.

Dirt Rally + PSVR [PS4P]

Takes some getting used to (hence the barrier kisses) but totally worth the money.

Clear out your shame pile while you can. Horizon is just around the corner.
Speaking of unexpected Valentines surprises, this one cut through our surly defences and went straight for the heart. Like a sweet For Honor execution. Well played, Ubi Australia.
Awww, thanks Sony Australia. Happy Valentines day everybody. May you all find a second player.