Monday is coming! Get in the fighting mood with GamesRadar's rundown of the WWE 2K17 roster.
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WWE 2K17 roster: all 156 confirmed wrestlers profiled including DLC (Eddie Guerrero, Sycho Sid and more)
GamesRadar have ranked the best Assassin's Creed games. Where did your favourite come?

The best Assassin's Creed games, ranked
Ah, the romance! GamesRadar have chosen their favourite love stories in games. What's your fave? They didn't make the list, but our pick would be Crash and Tawna. The length that Bandicoot goes to... [ Link ]

The 7 Greatest love stories in gaming
Something not too frightening for the weekend: GamesRadar's pick of scary games for people who hate scary games. Though there's a couple there that still frighten some of the OPM team. (The wussy ones...)
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Scary games for people who hate scary games
Get more from your PS Vita – the team at GamesRadar have selected their favourite games for it.

Best PS Vita games
If you're in the UK, you can get an extra £10 off any of these drives direct from Amazon with checkout code BIGTHANKS. Ends 23:59 on January 20.

The best PS4 hard drive upgrades to buy in 2017
It's Friday lunchtime, so let's enjoy something meaty: GamesRadar's choice of the 25 best PS4 games. Thoughts?

The 25 best PS4 games
Ordering from Amazon UK today? GamesRadar has a code to get you £10 off orders of £50 or over, and some suggestions if you aren't sure what you feel like buying. Ends at 23:59 tonight.

Woah! Get £10 off your Amazon UK order with this code. Today only!
He also wrote CoD: Ghosts, but we can overlook that, right?

The Division movie nabs an Oscar-winning director
GamesRadar made a list of nine in-game healing items that would actually kill you. Doc PlayStation's taking notes…
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9 healing items that would definitely kill you in real life
Kupo! We're still having fun racing chocobos in FFXV – and debating GamesRadar's ordering of the best FF games. Which is your favourite?

The 25 best Final Fantasy games
Everyone's talking about portables, so, let's look back at PSP's best games, courtesy of GamesRadar. Which one was your favourite?

The best PSP games of all time
As we're on a horror binge, feast on GamesRadar's list of zombie games you can play right now - tastier than brains!
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The best zombie games you can play right now
Feeling brave? Gamesradar have picked out 14 GIF that show you just how scary upcoming game Agony will be.

Here’s 14 gifs that prove Agony is already the most horrific game of 2017