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Hands off her man.
Where are your manners?
Jokes on you if you don't tweet with #FoxFreakouts for your personal Halloween movie recommendation.
This is why we're Team Edward.
Shirtless vampires are old news.
Squirrel. The other other white meat.
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"Why did you take off your shirt?"
What's your favorite quote?
No one broods like Edward Sullen.
How are your angst levels?
We’re checking out these werewolfs and vampires 6 Halloween’s later.

See What the Cast of 'Vampires Suck' Looks Like Then vs. Now!

Happy Birthday, Anneliese van der Pol!
Love Vampires Suck? Sink your teeth into this laugh out loud parody- Meet the Spartans is 65% off today only, on the #MovieOfTheDayApp. [ Apple.co Link ]
Have a howlin' good birthday, Chris Riggi.
Relive this #ManCrushMonday moment again and again. [ Bit.ly Link ]
On Wednesdays we wear black.
Maybe just stay out of the sun altogether... #SunscreenDay