This #OTC2017 training course covers tools to:
-Better manage sustainability risks
-Reduce sustainability delays
-Mitigate sustainability impacts
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#OTC2017: Looking closely at big data and the growing importance of cybersecurity. [ Link ]
AAPG hosts this #OTC2017 training course: [ Link ]
We are proud to announce Oilfield Helping Hands as the beneficiary of the #OTC2017 Distinguished Achievement Awards Luncheon.
Learn more about OHH’s mission and why they were selected as this year’s beneficiary. [ Link ]
#OTC2017: Designing and developing offshore renewable energy structures and infrastructure. [ Link ]
#OTC2017 TRAINING COURSE: Demonstrating why fracpack technology has become popular as a sand control method. Register: [ Link ]
#OTC2017: While the transition to a lower cost is critical to the industry, safety and environmental responsibility remain the cornerstones of success. [ Link ]
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#OTC2017: Major changes are underway in Mexico and Brazil concerning regulation and development of offshore resources. [ Link ]
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Why Attend?
#OTC2017: Addressing the effective use of technology and standardization to reduce costs. [ Link ]
#OTC2017: Low oil prices create the demand for game-changing, lower cost methods, resulting in an environment rich for breakthrough technologies. These advancements fundamentally change what we do – and OTC is the stage where it is presented. [ Link ]
#TBT! Catch up on the top stories from OTC 2016.

The Best of OTC
Troll B oilfield has produced nearly three times more than the expected production stated in the plan of development and operation.

Statoil's Troll B reaches one billion barrels of oil equivalent
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#OTC2017 PANEL SESSION: Speakers will share almost two decades of learnings on the remarkable development of the Mad Dog field, one of the largest deepwater fields in the Gulf of Mexico.

BP approves Mad Dog Phase 2 project in Gulf of Mexico