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The Proudman family story continues.

We're delighted to announce that Offspring will return to TEN for a seventh season in 2017.
We can’t think of anyone we’d rather see. We’re so excited to see Matthew Le Nevez as the sporting hero this weekend in BROCK, the man behind the legend. Premieres 8.30 Sunday on TEN.
On the hunt for more great Aussie drama? From the best-selling novel by Zoë Foster Blake, we’re itching to see new series The Wrong Girl on Channel Ten tonight at 8.30!
Energetic, optimistic and opinionated – We can’t wait to meet Lily Woodward in The Wrong Girl this Wednesday night on Channel Ten.
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Be inspired. From work to the bar, the Proudman sisters are effortlessly fashionable. Get their episode 10 look here.

Get The Look: Episode 10
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Don't we all.
''I had been holding onto the idea of family, but that is a version of the past".
Catch up on the emotional Offspring season finale: [ Link ]
A final goodbye to Darcy in true Proudman fashion.
It's time to live in the present ❤
'Over the past few weeks I've thought of nothing but you' ❤
From laughter to tears, we've come a long way with the Proudmans this year. Ahead of tonight's season finale, here are some of the biggest moments so far.
PREVIEW: Billie recharges with some confident power posing. Here's a sneak peek. The Offspring season finale, 8.30 tonight.
Tonight, the emotional season finale of Offspring. Will Nina choose to stay in the past or look forward to her future? 8.30 tonight on TEN.
Ahead of tomorrow's season finale, come behind the scenes of Jimmy's world to experience a day in the life of Rick Davies. The Offspring season finale, 8.30 Wednesday.