Only you can decide your "why." Only you can choose to live for that "why" every single day.

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Greg Printy
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Is there anywhere else you'd really rather be than Columbus, Ohio? ????
Mid West Campolito's
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The Ohio State Buckeyes are No. 2 in the Director's Cup! Testament to a great all-around program led by Gene Smith!


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The Ohio State Buckeyes are No 2 in the Directors Cup Testament

Ohio State Locks Up Second Place in Directors' Cup Standings
Jim Lyals
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β€ͺ#HappyFathersDay to all fathers and all men who serve the role as fathers. Thank you for all you do. ????‬
HappyFathersDay to all fathers and all men who serve the role as
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Another year, another job fair gives our student-athletes the opportunity to network with more than 100 professionals from across the country to prepare for life after football.

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β€ͺWhat a day to have our friends from Roy Hall's Driven Foundation here for camp! ????‬
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Driven Foundation
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The Granny Deleted Scenes feat. Urban Meyer

Ross Smith
Ross Smith
Logan S. Hufford
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Real Life Wednesdays took on a new focus this year, engaging in meaningful discussions on current issues, including domestic violence, drug abuse, relationships & race relations.
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The question has been posed. Are you TRULY a legend in your hometown??

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Bring it back to the O-H!

Bring it back to the OH

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Game 4⃣.

Bring it home Cleveland Cavaliers.

Game 4

Bring it home Cleveland Cavaliers

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We on that grind

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Saturdays are for The Shoe.

It's a party every time.

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When Ross Smith & Granny visit the Woody...

Ross Smith
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Everything comes down to how you respond. Tune out the noise. Focus on what matters. Success will follow.

Event βž• Response = Outcome
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Bounce back.

Bounce back

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β€ͺWelcome to the 2017 Ohio State Football class! You & your families are all Buckeye...let the grind start now!‬

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At Ohio State, Trust is a non-negotiable element of elite performance. And it is no accident. While many leaders have a plan for building trust, we have a specific system that allows our student-athletes to perform at elite levels because of an uncommon love among brothers that cannot be matched by any opponent.

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