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He stood behind you to see you rise to the top.
Make him come forward by referring him to be a part of the #MPOWER #MentorsSummitIII
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Our new ad film ‘Sabse Aage’ trending on #Twitter only brings us closer to the vision we have for #MahindraBlazo’s success. #GuaranteeKeSaath
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‘Sabse Aage’ starring #AjayDevgn and a range of #BLAZO trucks has crossed 1 million views in just 21 days.

This says a lot about the interest that Blazo is generating in our customers and the people at large.
It’s another big achievement for us and yet another foundation stone for the success that will be ours soon.
#SabseAage #GuaranteeKeSaath
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#Throwback to our MPOWER Xth batch session
32 young transport entrepreneurs, chosen by invitation and belonging to some of the finest transport companies of India, checked-in for the 7 day course which is aimed at professionalizing the Indian transport sector in the long run.
Delhi Mumbai Service Corridor – Where we are guaranteeing you service within 2 hours + availability of 150 fast moving spares!

Check our Webpage here for Detailed information: [ Mahindratruckandbus.com Link ]

Delhi Mumbai Service Corridoor

The biggest stage to honour your mentors is here.
Refer them today!

#MPOWER #MentorsSummitIII
Due to your continued support and love, we are taking away 3 awards at the #ApolloCVMagazineAwards!

Catch the telecast on BTVI
4pm on 18th March & 5pm on 19th March.
Mahindra Rise
Choose Mahindra #Excelo to boost your business!

It promises to provide uncompromised safety, more mileage and a comfortable ride, daily.
Mahindra Rise
We’re making sure that any downtime your transport service faces is minimized like never before.

With Mahindra service points at every 60 km intervals on the Delhi-Mumbai highway.

#HarCheezGuaranteeKeSaath #Every60Kms
Mahindra Rise
The Turquoise #BLAZO has delivered its promise of superior performance. And what better occasion than #HOLI to celebrate this color of success.

#HappyHoli to all.
Mahindra Rise
A well said phrase on the back of this #truck

#Outperformance #MahindraTrucksAndBus
With a fuel-efficient #engine, the Mahindra #Excelo always delivers on its promise of safety.
Now, it’s offering something more to boost your #business.

Mahindra Rise
Mahindra #BLAZO comes with not one but several guarantees.
That covers both, performance and service.

#HarCheezGuaranteeKeSaath #ComingSoon
Mahindra Rise
We applaud women, especially in the transport ecosystem, for their sheer #outperformance !

Assurances are all fine. But we’re taking a much bigger step.
We’re giving you guarantees to cover every mile of transport!

Mahindra Rise
We are not in control of what we think when we're angry and this #BumperLine explains why!
The winners of Mahindra #SaarthiAbhiyaan (MSA) Outperformer contest take you with them through the developments that it brought in their lives.

They are seen talking about how they’ll realize their dreams with the MSA scholarships and guidance they have gained.

Watch Now: [ Bit.ly Link ]

MSA Outperformer Contest AV

The Mahindra Saarthi Abhiyaan (MSA) Outperformer Contest Winners with the developments in their life experienced by them and achievements because of the MSA ...

Thousands of transporters across the country are benefiting from the Mahindra BLAZO.
And now you have more reasons than ever to give your business the #BLAZO advantage.
#GuaranteeKeSaath #NewTVC

[ Bit.ly Link ]
Mahindra Rise

Mahindra Truck & Bus BLAZO TVC starring Ajay Devgn - Man And Machine

Mahindra BLAZO comes with a never-before guarantee: Get more mileage or give the truck back. Now, after 4 crore kms, not a single truck has come back.

Get the benefit of #CRDe expertise that is totally ‘made for India’.
Watch this space to find out more.

Mahindra Rise
Give your business the advantage of a #CRDe engine that comes with real, on-road experience of over 4 crore kms.

#Watch this space to find out more.
Mahindra Rise