Fashion colour + healthy hair? Yes please!
Fashion colour  healthy hair Yes please
Kelly Williams
OMBRÉ REFRESH for SUMMER with Jessica Cook at Neighborhood Salon! ✨
LA colorist Jessica Gonzalez, @jesstheebesttcolor, has been gearing up her clientele for Summer and Coachella non-STOP! We popped into her studio to check ou...
Olaplex South Africa 04/20/2017

Want a change? Check out the details in this post (below). Add Olaplex to dramatically reduce damage!
Want a change Check out the details in this post below Add
Pitso Hlaodi
Olaplex dramatically reduces damage during colour transformations like these. Ask your hairstylist for Olaplex 1 & 2 at your next colour service!
Olaplex dramatically reduces damage during colour transformations like these Ask
Read ALL about our cruelty-free, non-toxi mission in the latest Olaplex blog post!
Read ALL about our crueltyfree nontoxi mission in the latest Olaplex blog post

Olaplex is Cruelty Free!
HairBesties, most of us know chlorine is every hair color worst nightmare especially blondes and Silvers. My client Angie went for a little swim and came out a little green. I decided to clarify and treat with Olaplex and gave her a new look using 7Rg with crystal clear demi in Guy Tang Mydentity
Formula 1: 7Rg #mydentity demi with 6vol and Olaplex
Formula 2: 25g 7Rg demi and 25g crystal...
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Olaplex South Africa 04/18/2017

Platinum Perfection by Rebecca Edwards (Rjune_hair on IG) of Calm Spa and Salon.

Rebecca used Wella Blondor + 40 vol +Olaplex No.1. Later, she toned with Colortouch 10/6 +13 vol + Olaplex No.1.
Olaplex South Africa 04/18/2017
Ilene Klindt
Theresa Wernich
Delrieke Kriel
Fox N Jayne 415
Which colour do you want for winter?
Which colour do you want for winter
Olaplex No.2 Bond Perfector® is NOT an activator, neutralizer, sealer or conditioner.

Containing the same active ingredient as Olaplex No.1 Bond Multiplier®, Olaplex No.2 works internally to help repair broken bonds within the hair and reduce breakage.

There are many ways No.2 can be used in the salon - short on time? No.2 can be used alone as an effective Express Service.
HairBesties! Fifty shades of grey on one of my models @ajennalene_rush using Guy Tang Mydentity colors
Lifted her level 1 Asian hair to a level 10 with #big9 #mydentity and Olaplex
Formula 1: 6ss #mydentity demi with 6 vol
Formula 2: 8ss #mydentity demi with 6vol
Formula 3: 10ss #mydentity demi with 6 vol
Her ends have little more warmth to it because of old buildup so I didn't add crystal...
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Olaplex South Africa 04/11/2017
Yvonne Hefer
One of the attributes we constantly notice in a successful hairdresser is the willingness to test, fail, succeed, and start over…
Olaplex South Africa 04/11/2017

Larisa Love's Self-Made Techniques
There's a new BLONDE in town! ????????????We're kind of obsessed with Sarah Hyland's new look. Color by the one and only Nikki Lee with Olaplex to keep Sarah's hair healthy through this drastic change.
Olaplex South Africa 04/10/2017
HairBesties, these are my two models in Germany using Olaplex and Guy Tang Mydentity I lifted them both with #Big9 and deposit demi Dusty Lavender on the Kim and Silver Smoke on Manuel.

Kim formulas 1:6ss 25g+6dl 25g+8dl with #mydentity 6vol
Formula 2:8ss 25f+8dl 25g 6vol
And overplayed with @guytang_mydentity Vibrant Pastel direct dye charcoal and pink diamond with Olaplex 2

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Olaplex South Africa 04/07/2017
'"To achieve this, Olaplex was a non-negotiable."

This week's #TransformationThursday comes from the talented team at Blisque Salon - love your work guys!

Olaplex's patented formula multiplies and reconnects the bonds in your hair - minimising breakage and allowing transformations like this to be possible!
Olaplex South Africa 04/07/2017
One of my favorite shot taken in natural sunlight of my model in Rome last month using Olaplex Guy Tang Mydentity
As always, I lifted with #mydentity #big9
Formula 1:#mydentity 8DL demi with 6vol with Ultra Violet booster and Pink Glow booster
Formula 2:#mydentity 9RG demi with 6vol and Pink Glow booster
Formula 3:#mydentity 8DL+9RG demi with Pink glow and Ultra Violet booster 6vol all with...
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Olaplex South Africa 04/06/2017
Tana Ferro
PRISMATIC UNICORN // Created this unique color scheme with @wellahair and @mariailastockholm. What do you think? Keep on reading to know how I did this one.

Step 1: Used my Heavy Highlights-technique to achieve a light blonde colorfade from her natural roots into the lighter midshaft with #BlondorFreelights mixed with #MagmaByBlondor. #OLAPLEX was added for sure.
Step 2: Rinsed, shampooed,...
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Olaplex South Africa 04/05/2017
Matthias Herzberg