Olaplex South Africa
02/22/2017 at 10:52. Facebook
Look at those ROOTS! Black to white with dramatically reduced damage by adding Olaplex to the lightener. To ensure all of your clients have the healthiest service possible, no matter what their hair type is, add Olaplex to every single bleach formulation you mix. The results will speak for themselves.

Stunning before and after by instagram.com/indiravyaznikova showing flawless platinum roots...
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Olaplex South Africa
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Ooh! #Olaplexloves this colour!
Dreamy blonde ☀ From a lifeless blonde to a healthy, shiny, creamy, lived-in blonde! We wanted to keep depth at the part so we zig-zag'd out the part and texture lighted underneath. We then rooted with 09nb and balayaged with #flashlift & 40vol at the bowl while she processed. For the final tone we used Christophe Robin Paris #babyblonde & Olaplex. Colour by Michael + cut and styled by...
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The hair treatment everyone is talking about. And it's now in Manila. Beauty columnist Jenny Rockett shares her thoughts.

50 Shades of Olaplex

Our beautiful sultry result from today. Amazing workshop with Guy Tang and all the hairbesties in the land! Mydentity hair color launch????????????????Hair
Guy Tang Hair Artist HairBesties Guy Tang Olaplex
COSTCO CRUSHING COSMETOLOGISTS... Letter from Dean Christal, Olaplex. As many of you have seen, over the past few weeks, Costco has begun selling Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector in some of its stores in the United States. Olaplex DOES NOT sell its products to Costco and we have not authorized anyone.....

Hairstylists and Consumers: Stop Costco from Diverting Professional Beauty Products

Read an unbiased review on Olaplex, dubbed the "Holy Grail" of hair, and for good reason.

Olaplex: Hair Saviour…

Updated mermicorn!!! ???????????????? custom blended #pulpriot noir, nightfall, aquatic, sea glass and powder with @olaplex in every formula
All business inquiries????Email: jackie@fullmetaljaxon.com

Dark indoor lighting ????
Balayage using @kenraprofessional @olaplex & @keunenamerica

#kenraprofessional #kenra #kenracolor #keune #olaplex
The stunning final reveal from our live transformation broadcast with Carlina Ortega at Rita Hazan. Her hair felt AMAZING after!
Olaplex is compatible with all colour lines.

Olaplex can be used on all hair types with every chemical service.

Any issues with lift, grey coverage, or processing time can be solved by using less Olaplex.

Do NOT increase developer. Do NOT increase processing time.

Measurements based on colour / bleach powder without developer.

We recommend that your clients use the take-home No. 3 Hair...
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This stunning vivid was created by Louise from Stevie English Hair using Olaplex - to keep the client's hair strong, shiny and healthy - as well as reducing the porosity of the hair so that the colour lasts longer.
Dreamy pastel blend with O L A P L E X |

Love having coloured hair? Use Olaplex No.3 at home for longer lasting salon results. Olaplex works at the molecular level, repairing and perfecting bonds that have been damaged. Perfected bonds hold colour for longer, and who doesn't love healthy, perfected hair?

Hair science is amazing!