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Transformations are a labor of LOVE! Here's the after photo from today's live demo with Kelli Christine. Extensions, lightening, toning, treatments, and highlights with Olaplex EVERY step of the way!
Olaplex South Africa
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Great #blorange by The Vanilla Pod Hair, Barbering & Beauty Studio #2017trend
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Glamour Magazine | It's impossible to ignore the amount of famous faces who have been ditching their brunette or dark blonde locks in favour of vibrant, bleached hues, and it couldn't have come at a better time...

Find out about this seasons most in-demand looks & how you can maintain at home with Olaplex, here:

[ Glamourmagazine.co.uk Link ]
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Everything you need to know about achieving the Justin Anderson highlight! Check out the complete tutorial with Justin's tips on the Olaplex Blog.

How to Achieve the Justin Anderson Highlight

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There's nothing we love more to see than a healthy blonde!

This gorgeous colour was created by Amiee Marie Hair Studio, using Olaplex to keep her client's hair strong and healthy.
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Guy Tang Hair Artist World Tour continued!
Guy Tang live in Taiwan! Our Olaplex Hair Artist prepping for the show. We love you Guy Tang Hair Artist!
We are obsessed with this peachy-pink blonde created by Richi from Academie Salon using Olaplex to ensure their client's hair remains strong and free of damage.
Oooh! ❄❄ | Stunning Colour by Lavish Salon!

The best there is on hair repair! Now color without fear - olaplex is here!
Check out this Live Balayage Class with BiancaColour! Part of getting your hair healthy is understanding where it's at and getting the kind of chemical services that will help restore damage instead of increasing it. #Olaplex is a key element in this process.
what a transformation!
"To keep your color-treated hair healthy, manageable and strong, use Olaplex No. 3 at home at least twice a week. All my girls, including Emma, love it."– Tracey Cunningham

Read more of Tracey's tips in People!

Emma Stone’s Colorist Tracey Cunningham Reveals Her Genius Tips for Lasting Hair Color

WOW! 4 hours, lots of Olaplex, and a very talented Christine Shyer of Fox and Jane Colorado.

This client had virgin hair. Christine started by lightening zones 2 and 3 with lightener and Olaplex No.1. Once that processed to a pale yellow, she rinsed and applied a retouch to zone 1, again with Olaplex No.1 in the formula. While that processed, Christine pulled a second round of lightener...
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We've seen a lot of great products this past year and the stylists have spoken. Olaplex​ was named the Favorite Product You Can't Live Without and Favorite Bond Rebuilder. Show the love and "like" Olaplex!
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