We want YOU to help us create the ultimate street taco! If you could choose your ultimate taco topping... which would you choose? Guacamole, fragrant coriander or hot jalapenos?

Our Old El Paso Mexicana Street Market™ range is out now!
To celebrate the launch of our Old El Paso Mexicana Street Market™ range, we want YOU to help us create the ultimate street taco!

If you could choose your ultimate fresh taco ingredient... which would you choose? Corn, fresh tomato or pineapple?
We know Mexico is all about tacos, tortillas and quesadillas... but do we REALLY know Mexican food?

It’s street food season, so time to brush up on your street food knowledge! Click below to read more.

Mexican Summer Street Food Guide

Experience the mouth-watering flavour of our New Look Old El Paso Mexicana Street Market range right at home with these sizzling recipes!

Old El Paso Australia & New Zealand

We’re bringing Mexican back to the street with our Old El Paso Mexicana Street Market™ range!

We all know tacos are the ultimate street food, so we’re getting you amigos to build your ultimate taco... The People’s Taco!

So, tell us - what’s your favourite meat filling? BBQ shredded chicken, or sizzling steak?
Guess what amigos? Your favourite flavours are back and better than ever with our new Old El Paso Mexicana Street Market™ range! A makeover never looked this good ;)

Available now at your local supermarket.
He might be mini, but he fills a Mini Stand ‘N Stuff™ taco shell like a real pro.

You can be a pro too, so grab our Mini Stand ‘N Stuff™ Tacos in stores now!
Happy holidays, everyone!

In Mexico, Christmas is just one non-stop party, filled with all kinds of delicious food, of course!

Read more below :)

Festive Mexican Food!

It’s Mini taco tip time! So here’s one of the Mini awesome ways to taco:

Why not spice up your cocktail prawns using one of our delicious seasonings… and put them in Mini Stand ‘N Stuff™ Tortillas to serve!
Try this delicious Charred Corn Salad! It goes amazingly with Crispy Chicken Soft Tacos ;) More for your amigos this festive season!

Find the recipe here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Betcha didn’t think you could have ice cream in tacos did you??

Get festive and find the recipe here! [ Bit.ly Link ]
Here’s a Mini way to taco!

Pressed for space at your fiesta? No worries! You can arrange your tacos like this - the rectangular base of our Mini Stand ‘N Stuff™ Taco Shells are perfect for clicking together, so you can be sure to fit as many Mini tacos as you want on a smaller plate!
Our Mini Stand 'N Stuff™ tacos make a great base for little finger food desserts!

Try filling them with custard cream or mousse - now you’ve got dessert *and* an edible bowl in one!
Slicing an avocado might seem simple enough, but you’ll be surprised how many people might have trouble! So we’re here to show you how to slice one like a pro :)
Here’s one of our Mini ways to taco!

Forget hotdog buns, try making Mini hotdog Stand ‘N Stuff™ tacos for your guests instead! They’re also great for teen or kids’ parties.

Mini hotdogs? Yes Please!
Looks like Mini Danny’s got his taco on!

You can get your taco on too - grab our Mini Stand ‘N Stuff™ tacos, in stores now!
Here’s one of the Mini ways to taco!!

Did you know our Chilled range pairs so well with our Mini Stand 'N Stuff™ tacos? Quick, easy and delicioso!

You can make these Mini Whole Grain Soft Tacos with shredded chicken and potatoes in chorizo here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Did you know you could stuff 2 Mini Stand ‘N Stuff™ Tacos in 1 regular-sized Stand ‘N Stuff™ Taco?? Same taco - but double the fun :D

There are so Mini ways to taco! Let us know how you do your mini tacos in the comments!
The challenge is on, amigos! Which taco do you think will win - Mini Stand ‘N Stuff™ or regular Stand ‘N Stuff™?