Olive Oils from Spain
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If we join together all of our followers, we could create an entire city as big as Paris, Hamburg, Kyoto or Havana...and what a healthy city it would be! What we're saying is, we have more than 2 million followers! Thank you everyone!
Olive Oils from Spain
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Welcome Springtime with a healthy lifestyle!
Olive Oils from Spain
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Add extra virgin olive oil to your Romesco sauce for an irresistible creamy texture

Grilled mexican green onions with Romesco sauce

Olive Oils from Spain
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A truly addictive snack: popcorn with Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain - the icing on the cake to your movie nights in!

A truly addictive snack: popcorn with Olive Oil from Spain

Olive Oils from Spain
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Studying the culinary arts in Spain is more fashionable than ever. Do you know who is to blame? Olive oils from Spain! #WorldLeaders
We were lucky enough to be a part of the amazing event in Napa Valley, CA some weeks ago, and once again we learned how important it is to keep a Mediterranean diet. Keep reading to see why it's so important to eat this way, and how to start.

What is the Mediterranean Diet?

Let's talk about diabetes and how to prevent it. Consuming extra virgin olive oil and the Mediterranean Diet helps reduce the risk of developing diabetes by up to 40%. #oliveoilcares #PREDIMED
#Tipoftheweek! When frying in olive oil, add food little by little and in small quantities to avoid the temperature of the oil dropping suddenly.

Healthy and delicious: frying in Olive Oil

#Did you know Spain has 25% of the entire olive growing area in the world. That's some serious coverage! [ Goo.gl Link ]
Which would you eat first - A potato and egg 'Spanish Tortilla' or fried potatoes, 'Patatas Bravas'? [ Bit.ly Link ]
Toasted bread with fresh herbs and olive oil is sure to please the whole family - follow along our video for an easy family-sized appetizer!
Speaking of melts in your mouth, have you heard how you can make even the most delicious desserts healthy…go to our website and check it out! [ Goo.gl Link ]
Experience and investment in R & D are a few of the reasons we have become #WorldLeaders [ Bit.ly Link ]
The Olive Oils from Spain bottles are getting ready for a Carnival costume party. Who could get the prize for the best costume of the night? You be the judge!
We love making different olive oil flavours - watch along our video to see how easy it is to make your own! Mix flavours or make individual ones in separated containers, the options are endless! [ Bit.ly Link ]
Check out this deliciously marinated Chicken Brocheta - taste the difference Olive Oil makes.
Ever wondered what it takes to be a Michelin Star Chef? Olive Oils from Spain sponsors the captivating documentary "Soul", showing us just how far chefs across the globe will push their limits to achieve mastery.
The best weather conditions, thousands of years growing olive grooves, leading in R+D+I and so very proud of our Mediterranean Diet. We know what we're talking about and for all of these reasons we are #WorldLeaders [ Goo.gl Link ]
The best thing you can do to keep your skin healthy in the cooler weather is to exfoliate and moisturize. Try mixing sugar, olive oil and honey for an all natural moisturizing skin scrub!