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Olmeca Tequila
01/18/2017 at 11:43. Facebook
If you could take a shot with anyone, literally anyone, who would it be? #SwitchOnTheNight
Olmeca Tequila
yesterday at 12:32. Facebook
Lime and Olmeca tequila were made for one another. Get them together this #summer.
Olmeca Tequila
01/14/2017 at 09:58. Facebook
Festival season is well underway. Where are you heading this weekend?
Olmeca Tequila
01/11/2017 at 09:18. Facebook
We keep our distillation on the DL, double distilling in small-batch 100% copper stills. Quality over quantity. Mama would be proud. #ThisIsOurTequila
Mix, shake, #SwitchOnTheNight.
Almost as refreshing as an Altos Tequila cocktail gets. Give the Collins a spin this summer. Find the full recipe here: [ Switchonthenight.co.za Link ]
The weekend's here. You know what to do...
The versatility of @Altos Tequila gives you the chance to get creative. What's been your #SummerMix? #ThisIsOurTequila
If the summer heat's getting to you, an Altos Tequila Cucumberita is exactly what you need. Find the recipe here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
We had a massive 2016 which saw us Switch On Grietfest, Daisies, Alok and Rage just to name a few! Shout out to all of you who were there with us. Check out this wrap up and let us know if you’re ready to #SwitchOn2017 with with Olmeca Tequila.
Be merry & drink Altos Tequila. Happy holidays!
What is your perfect Altos Tequila mix? We've got a few ideas for you right here: [ Switchonthenight.co.za Link ]
Two shows. Two cities. Two crazy nights. And a lot of Olmeca Tequila. Take a look at Alok's tour through South Africa.
The Paloma: lime, salt, grapefruit juice and, of course, Altos Tequila. Find the full recipe here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Pour. Mix. Enjoy. All summer with Olmeca Tequila.
Party like summer only lasts a week and #SwitchOnTheNight.
Creativity is the direct result of inspiration.
Your summer party companion since 1967.
Some things never go out of fashion. Get weekend ready with the Altos Margarita. Find the full recipe here: [ Bit.ly Link ] #ThisIsOurTequila
It still counts as summer when the sun goes down. Get out and #SwitchOnTheNight.