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If your shoes look like this on a neat day, you definitely need to read our #DIY idea to declutter your home --> [ Bit.ly Link ]

DIY ideas to survive January’s tight budget | OLX ON

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Have you seen our TV ad recently?

Tell us how you plan to #MoveUp this year.

#MoveUp - All we need

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We couldn't help laughing at this. #nochill
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Flashback to our year end function last year. Based on all the white Panama hats, can you guess what the theme was? #BehindtheClassifieds #FlashbackFriday
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How seriously do you take Friday the 13th?

a) I won't even eat Black Cat peanut butter!
b) I'll just take a little more care than usual.
c) It's a Friday. Who cares?

#badluck #fridaythe13th #blackcat
It's back to school season. Tell us about your kid's first day. #MoveUp
Spotted on OLX: Here are some great back to school items that are bound to be a hit. #MoveUp

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Losing motivation to stick with your fitness goals? Here are 3 tips to keep going. [ Bit.ly Link ] #MoveUp

Happy New You! | OLX ON

Spotted on OLX: "Bought a Fitbit flex two for my mother as a gift thinking she would like it... Did not happen."

Usually, it's the thought that counts. But if that's not the case, there's always OLX! #unwantedgift

R 900 - fitbit flex 2 for sale

Do you know what our 6 values are that drive us every day to help you move up? We plan to make OLX even better this year by sticking to these values. #behindtheclassifieds
The first day back at work after the festive season can be scary. How's it going for you? #backonthegrind #mondaymotivation
It's time to put your feet up. You're about to end the first week of 2017. #Friyay #TGIF
Keep your New Year's resolutions and sell anything that might hold you back. Post a free ad on OLX here --> [ Bit.ly Link ]
Find what you need to meet your New Year's resolutions on OLX --> [ Bit.ly Link ] #MoveUp
Read our 3 simple tips on how to keep your New Year's resolutions --> [ Bit.ly Link ]

Here's to a great 2017!
2017 has officially started. What are your New Year's resolutions?
Ready to ring in the new year? #bye2016 #tonewbeginnings