Today is the day that a new issue of OM Yoga hits shelves! Check out our amazing mother-daughter #FaceofOM winning duo, Annet and Jade!

We also have another winner, Wasay Foladi on our OMFM cover, and he tells us all about Wasu - Will And Strength Unite Yoga. We also chat to Yoga Alliance Professionals co-founder, Brian Cooper, and hear from Stretch Body Mind's Victoria Cunningham Downey. As...
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Annet & Jade Bowler, our #FaceofOM winners, on the cover of Issue 71 of OM Yoga. Photographed by Luke Ayling of Woods Lodge Photography.
Goat yoga arrived in the US last year, and now it looks as though it's hit Europe. Any takers?

Goat yoga is here and it's glorious
As far as we're concerned, there's nothing better than an early morning yoga session!

5 Benefits of Early Morning Yoga
We made it!

Happy weekend everyone!
Do you remember what you wore for your first yoga class?

What to Wear to Your First Yoga Class | Curvy Yoga
We're thinking maybe it's a Macaroni Cheese kinda night!

Macaroni Cheese - Cook Vegan Magazine
UPSHIFT your yoga with Katy Appleton - architecture of asana & pranayama, anatomy & physiology — April '17 book now: [ Link ]
Try this if you're having trouble switching off your thoughts during savasana.

Flow and Let Go - Issue 42
The struggle is real!
Ready for a sneak peek at the new issue? We're very excited because the April issue is our #FaceOfOM cover, featuring our winners Annet & Jade.

The new issue will be available to download from Friday, and will be in stores from next Thursday.
Remember this feeling at your first yoga class?

Fabulous cartoon by Mark Parisi / Off the Mark: [ Link ]
More evidence that yoga is great for mental health.

It's Official: Yoga Helps Depression
Don't miss this month's 360° Yoga Anatomy Academy, where our resident expert Doctor Yogi is taking us through Wide Leg Forward Fold - Prasarita Paddottanasana.

Don't forget that you'll need the digital issue to take full advantage of this amazing feature, where you can look at the featured asana from every angle, and hear tips and guidance from Doctor Yogi himself.

More details on the...
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How wonderful to hear little ones talk about what mindfulness means to them!
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