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Finn, Titan and Aurora (from left to right) here. They, like all tigers, have their own unique stripe patterns. Like a human's fingerprints, no two are alike.

(Photo by: Ryan Whisney, senior keeper - cats and bears)
We and the University of Nebraska at Omaha are working together to provide greater STEM learning opportunities to schools and youth organizations through an exciting citywide partnership: the Omaha STEM Ecosystem. And leading the way is Julie Sigmon, the new director of the program.

Welcome aboard, Julie!

The Omaha STEM Ecosystem is a citywide partnership to maximize science, technology,...
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#ReptileTuesday’ers, we give you the Mojave rattlensnake.

Often mistaken for the Western diamondback, because of their similar appearance, the Mojave rattlesnake has the most potent venom of any rattlesnake in North America.

Not to worry, though. Unless provoked or stepped upon, this rattlesnake, like any, will mind its own. The chances of you getting struck by lighting are actually much...
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Our #ReptileTuesday animal this week is ____________________.

Hint: This species is often mistaken for another species, so you can never be too sure. :)

(Photo by: Dylan Ray, reptile and amphibian keeper - Desert Dome/Kingdoms of the Night)
Little Lions Preschool is now accepting applications for the 2017 – 2018 school year!

Two sessions are offered between the hours of 8:30 – 11:30 a.m. and 1 – 4 p.m. for children ages 3 - 5. With the Zoo as our classroom, we’ll nurture your child’s potential and inherent need to explore and discover by providing rich learning environments, such as our exciting exhibits, and unique animal...
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We’re coming into 2017 hot! Thanks to ALL of you...

The year 2016 was the highest-attended year in the Zoo’s history with 2,046,171 visitors. It was the first time we broke the two-million threshold. And, to top it all off, we set eight monthly attendance records in a row.

Attendance at Wildlife Safari Park was also at its highest since 2000 with 144,239 visitors. Woo hoo!
Some of us only got half-dressed this morning.

These are our pajama cardinalfish at 58 days old. As they grow, their bodies will become less transparent and develop more solid color patterns. So, if you use your imagination, it’ll actually appear as though adult pajama cardinalfish are wearing spotted pajamas. Kids!

Fun Fact: Pajama cardinalfish are paternal mouthbrooders, meaning the males...
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Love at the Zoo

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The scales featured in this week’s #ReptileTuesday highlight belong to the Johnston’s crocodile or Australian freshwater crocodile.

One way to identify crocodiles is by the shape of their snout. Unlike alligators, who have wider, U-shaped snouts, crocodiles have more pointed, V-shaped snouts.

True story: Johnston’s crocodiles can gallop. You can also find them in our Kingdoms of the Night...
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You might find yourself asking the animal in this week's #ReptileTuesday spotlight, "Why the long face?"

Who do you think it is?

(Photo by: Dylan Ray, reptile and amphibian keeper - Desert Dome/Kingdoms of the Night)
Our Ocean Commotion class for 3- and 4-year-olds makes a splash this Friday, January 6 from 10 – 11 a.m.

Have your kids come explore the deep blue sea with us and the creatures that call it home!

REGISTER ONLINE: [ Omahazoo.com Link ]
More than two million visitors passed through our gates last year, a milestone that immediately became the highlight of our 2016.

To Jacque Keys, our two-millionth visitor, and her family (pictured), to you, our visitors, and to everyone who has yet to visit our great Zoo, our only hope for 2017 is that you keep coming back for more. Here’s to another exciting and memorable year!

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10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

Let the celebration begin! #NoonYearsEve is happening now. Here's what we have going on until 1 p.m. today:

11:59 a.m.: Beach ball drop countdowns begin in the Education and Conference Center in the Scott Aquarium and the Wild Kingdom Pavilion

12 p.m.: Beach balls will drop in the Education and Conference Center in the Scott Aquarium and the Wild Kingdom Pavilion

12:15 p.m.: Joe Cole's...
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Our countdown to the New Year continues with Nos. 4, 3 and 2 of our #Top10 Best of 2016 list. Landing at No. 4, the opening of Alaskan Adventure back in June.

The splashgrounds’ 18-foot-tall humpback whale, 75 bronze sculptures, including jumping salmon, puffins, orcas and brown bears, and 200-plus misters and water spray nozzles were one of the highlights of our summer AND yours!

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Get ready to party like an animal! #NoonYearsEve is this Saturday from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Ring in 2017 a few hours early with our annual beach ball drops in the Wild Kingdom Pavilion and Scott Aquarium and the Comedy Magic Of Joe Cole. And of course, see the Zoo!

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: [ Omahazoo.com Link ]
This week's #ReptileTuesday species highlight was none other than the many-horned adder.

Not quite a rattlesnake, although venomous like one, the many-horned adder hails from the Namibian Desert in Africa and is named for the distinct tufts of horn-like scales above each eye.

This small and solitary snake will bury itself in the sand for camouflage against predators and to catch prey. And,...
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No. 5 on our #Top10 of 2016 List...

Someone we just simply cannot stop celebrating, and probably never will: Dr. “Doc” Lee G. Simmons. This year marked his 50th anniversary at the Zoo. To honor him, we carried out a 50-day, community-wide celebration, which started on October 13 and ended December 1, the day he was hired at the Zoo.

Throughout the 50 days, we highlighted some of Doc’s most...
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