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The Speedmaster story started 60 years ago. Stay tuned to hear George Clooney’s memories of its incredible space legacy.
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A bronze dial and brown leather strap give this De Ville Hour Vision a classic look. The Master Chronometer calibre assures precision.
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Enjoying a postcard view in Geneva. Life's good. Bring on the weekend.
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Many more METAS certified movements will be inside our watches this year, but before we begin making our new Master Chronometers, here's a beautiful little deconstruction.
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Today is a sad #SpeedyTuesday. We say goodbye to Gene Cernan, who will always have a special place in our heart. The Speedmaster Apollo 17 40th Anniversary watch released in 2012 is today's tribute to a very close friend.
We are very sad to hear that our dear friend and brand ambassador Gene Cernan has passed away. He leaves us with some truly special memories.
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Deep Black meets street style. Check ✔ Photo by HYPEBEAST.
What a beautiful way of finding out it's time for tea.
The central tourbillon cage offsets the effect of gravity, but there's no escaping the forces of attraction.
A true masterpiece from every angle, the Tourbillon's embossed caseback features a Chronos medallion.
The OMEGA Tourbillon - a fusion of craftsmanship and striking materials.
#SpeedyTuesday sells at record speed! All 2012 pieces of OMEGA's new Limited Edition Speedmaster were snapped up in 4 hours, 15 minutes and 43 seconds. Thanks Speedy fans
The Speedmaster #SpeedyTuesday Limited Edition comes in a watch roll that truly rocks. Only 2012 pieces. Reserve yours now:
The Speedmaster #SpeedyTuesday is inspired by the community and our history, but it's strictly limited to 2012 pieces! Be sure to pre-order now at
Thank God it's Tuesday! Something amazing is coming your way in just a few hours. Can you guess what's missing?
Today's the day El Niño swaps his wedge for a slice of cake. Happy birthday Sergio Garcia!
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The "Deep Black" is a reliable tool in any diver’s kit or for any day of business.
Happy birthday to our ambassador Eddie Redmayne. We're sure he'll celebrate his special day in style.
The colour of spring in a wintry world. See the OMEGA Lifetime pictures at
Made with precision. Worn with pride. See the OMEGA Lifetime pictures at