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Sephora offers complimentary beauty classes and they’re so worth it.

This Is The Best Way To Master Makeup Application—And It’s Completely Free
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He counted hot girls to create a “beauty map” of England. Yes, really.

Inside The Twisted Brain Of History’s Craziest Scientist
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Our brains think they’re under attack.

The Reason We Get Carsick Is Unexpectedly Odd
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Each year, the city of Los Angeles buries roughly 1,500 unclaimed bodies.
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Any woman could be detained on suspicion of being a prostitute, even if a police officer had no proof.

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The Most Anti-Feminist Laws In History (We Hope)
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MAC‘s most pigmented lipstick yet is all kinds of awesome.

Is This The World’s Most Technologically Advanced Lipstick?
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It actually wouldn’t suck if you had to stay overnight.

9 Airports You Wouldn’t Mind Being Stuck At
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If you’re still refrigerating your tomatoes, you’re embarrassing yourself.

We’ve Been Storing Our Food All Wrong
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Florida locals captured footage of a very large alligator at a local nature preserve.

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Found: Enormous Alligator Going for a Stroll
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One Brooklyn bar’s crusade against hipsters.

Chop Off Your Man Bun & Get Free Booze
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How to get celeb-style lashes without going broke.

We Tried The Top Eyelash Trends So You Don’t Have To
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Ditch that gross soap for something better.

Harmful Soap Ingredients You Need To Know
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A monster is choking you and there’s nothing you can do about it.

This Sleep Disorder Brings Your Nightmares To Life