03/24/2017 at 18:30. Facebook
Axe Therapy ;-)

So...what's Stenny up to now we're back in our forest?

Good simple healthy physical stuff!
Walking, pottering around in the forest around our little house, yoga ,making love, eating lotsa healthy fresh food and...
Practical things, like chopping firewood to dry for the winter!

Greenz and Health in Nature

Ps: fyi
all our wood is offcuts from trees with rotten bits......
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03/18/2017. Facebook
Where is my Mind?

I was swimming in the Caribbean
Animals were hiding behind the rocks
except the little fish... they told me... they tried to talk to me...

Where is my mind?


pic by Black Francis the Pixie
03/17/2017. Facebook
Post Blogging Trauma

There's so much information on the internet and Social media nowadays ...
that I am becoming more wary of actually posting anymore blogs...

I only wish to speak the truth on this medium , but I'm not sure that Truth is appreciated or what YOU actually want to hear...

Take my views on Governmental elections for instance...

I can say I DO NOT VOTE, because it just...
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03/10/2017. Facebook
Forever Children we are Free!

Elly, Jenny and Jessy the Nature Children in PapaNac's Garden

While spending time on Waitukubuli (aka the island of Dominica)
we made many friends and visited as many locals as we could.
I was helping PapaNac to harvest plantain (bananas) and Dasheen root and stuff with a Machete in his "Garden"
(which is basically a piece of forest where everything that grows...
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03/08/2017. Facebook
It's all about perspective

Life comes in myriad forms, shapes and sizes...
Who are we to say what thoughts lie within the soul of this tiny Hermitcrab,
Does He look at us, as we look at Him?

Never underestimate the Others who inhabit our planet...
Always try to see the world through the eyes of another (like this miniscule squatter) and you'll discover that we actually inhabit many different...
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03/06/2017. Facebook
Pagans of the Carribean

I would like to give you a small impression of Stenny's trip to the Nature island of Waitukubuli
(aka: "Dominica")
So I thought it might be nice to show you some places and some people that we met while we were there ... people and places that made a big impression on us.
One of the greatest things about travelling is that you get to meet with special souls towards...
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03/03/2017. Facebook
Home again :-)

OK... so It's "slightly" colder than the tropics and the colours are a lot less vivid... but it's so great to see our "own" birdy friends in the forest again...the smell of the pines, the bite of the winds , actually all the natural world is home.

Our minds are still full of Coconuts,Crabs,CacaoPods and Carribean aswell as Jungle,Jump-ups ,Jetlag and Joints...

We Comin' down...
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02/28/2017. Facebook
On our way back home...

Thankyou to the Island of Dominica for giving us a large portion of Nature, Peace and Love!
And thank YOU for supporting us and helping to make our adventure trips possible!
Now we begin the long journey from paradise back home to our own winter forest

Greenz and One Love!
02/26/2017. Facebook
Earth Warrior

This is my home, it's where I belong...
From the clouds in the sky, to the Roots and stones...

Pic by Jenny
02/24/2017. Facebook
To see a world in a grain of sand...

The Gods live in the Details :-)


Pic by William Blake
02/20/2017. Facebook
Happy Birthday Jenny!!!
02/18/2017. Facebook
Feel the Roots of the Earth...


Pic of Jenny and Toto by Sic
02/16/2017. Facebook
Nature is Art
Art is Nature

One Love...
02/15/2017. Facebook
Waitukubuli dreaming...

The Force is strong here! There's really Nothing better than hiking through oodles of pure,vibrant life to charge up your Nature batteries!

Great for the legs and the cardio too ;-)

Tomorrow we leave the highland Rainforests where we're staying to experience the Atlantic coastregions of this magical

Pagans of the Carribean!
Stenny on adventure
02/14/2017. Facebook
Jenny finds a Happy tree friend

Greenz from waitukubuli!
02/13/2017. Facebook
New friends :-)

No matter where we go , it's always
Easy to make new friends!
If you have Melon


Pic by Gandalf
02/11/2017. Facebook
Cheers from the Cannibal Islands!***

One love!
Shaman SteveSic

***the word "Carribean" derives from the word Carib (a version of the word "cannibal") which is the name that Columbus used to describe all the people on these islands...
He did this because he was a dumb ,evil and ignorant Dickhead who brought death and destruction in the name of profits wherever he went.
History is seldom what...
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02/09/2017. Facebook
I met a man who was a tree...
And OMFG how different he looked !!

He still had plenty to tell me though! ;-)

Nothing is sacred... only Nature

Shaman SteveSic
02/07/2017. Facebook
Jungle love...

We are surrounded by life ,love and a million zillion greenthingz...
And Life is really very good :-)
LOTS of inspiration (hmmm? Pagan Calypso?... more Pagan Reggea?)
We good.. hope you good too!

How are YOU doing?

02/05/2017. Facebook
Jenny finds the perfect car ;-)