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Omron India
01/11/2017 at 15:00. Facebook
Just think about how much we far we have come! The InGaN LEDs in some of today’s most advanced markets vs. what Humphry Davy created using volts from a battery! #LifeBeforeAutomation
Omron India
01/09/2017 at 06:30. Facebook
Invented by the pseudonymous group Satoshi Nakamato through a posting to The Cryptography Mailing List, the network of decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency – Bitcoin brought in a new wave of digital currency that quickly started to gain prominence. #ThisDayInTechnology
Omron's all new oil-resistant components helps machining processes by boosting efficiency, yet again! #InsideOmron
Hint: It stars actor @CharlieHunnam, best known for his role in @SonsOfAnarchy #TechInFiction
From the first 2 cylinder, steam-engine-powered-by-coal motorcycle invented by Sylvester Howard Roper to the modern day electric superbikes cruising on highways, #LifeBeforeAutomation would indeed look like a dull affair for speedsters. Agree?
A moment to rejoice for our friends looking to get prosthetics. With a simple surgery that’d implant a chip in the brain, with the brain-activity one could almost move and employ their robotic limbs as per their will. #TheFutureIsNow
2016 had been a year of some really promising emerging technologies. We only wish for 2017 to up the ante and give us more innovations to look forward to.
#Happy2017 everyone!
After 87 months in space, Dawn entered the approach phase to Ceres; being 400,000 miles away, in the asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. #ThisDayInTechnology
If you know the The Dark Knight Trilogy well enough, could you tell if the following is true/false? #TechInFiction
This Christmas – Santa goes Techie!
Omron wishes you #MerryChristmas and a very #HappyNewYear2017
From the mechanical punch card to the holographic versatile disc, #LifeBeforeAutomation has really come a long way. Agree?
The display technology from the days of Cathode-Ray Tube monitors to the promising improved 3D and virtual reality displays of today, that allows viewer interactivity, has grown by leaps and bounds.
For someone born in this decade #LifeBeforeAutomation would seem rather ancient, no?
Inaugurated earlier this year at New Delhi, Tata Power - DDL's Smart Grid Lab is a pioneering initiative to contribute towards implementing latest smart grid technologies. Omron being one of the contributors of its Sensing and Control + Think technology has these advanced solutions on display.
Tata Power - DDL's Smart Grid Lab includes Omron's Smart Energy Management solutions to further expand the possibilities of utilising advanced technology solutions for grid modernisation. [ Gph.is Link ]
David Fincher directed the 2010 biography-drama on the founder of the same firm. What firm are we talking about? #TechInFiction
Home décor set to get a massive facelift with this 18-inches tall planetary-inspired candelabra! Who would not want one of these? #TheFutureIsNow
We have come a long way from the first pocket watch created by Peter Henlein using mainspring to the modern digital smart watches that boast of app-powered communication features. All in all #LifeBeforeAutomation for watch wearers seems rather bleak, agree?
Fans of the @MarvelUniverse! Is this #TrueOrFalse? #TechInFiction
Nanoparticles react with glucose molecules in tears causing colour changes in the lenses to indicate low blood sugar. For scores of Diabetes patients worldwide, this could be a thing to marvel! Your take? #TheFutureIsNow
Omron with its relays and switches in the X-ray machines ensures safety and desired results. #OmronInEverydayLife