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A TV when needed. A see-through glass panel that adds to house decor, when it's not. #TheFutureIsNow
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A must-watch for everyone in the field of Linguistics. #TechInFiction
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With no artificial heat-generating sources like batteries, a natural way to keep warm during the winters is most welcome. Agree? #TheFutureIsNow
Marvel Cinematic Universe fans! Let’s see if you can crack this #TechInFiction
There are computers and there are hybrid computers. #TheFutureIsNow
#SameerGandhi MD, Omron Automation, India shares his excitement for #IIoT in his latest interview with #ElectronicsMaker.

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The strength of an army is as much about sound defense as it is about ruthless offence. With the scientists having already invented force fields based on electromagnetic signals, expect the armies of nations vying for this coveted technology in the times to come with bated breath. #TheFutureIsNow
From manually holding a compass to find paths to relying on satellites in space to direct us on ground, #LifeBeforeAutomation makes for a really interesting trip down the history. Right?
From where did the terms #Industry4 and #IoT originated? And how can they along with #ArtificialIntelligence boost #MakeInIndia?

#SameerGandhi, MD, Omron Automation, India explains in his latest interview with #AutomationConnect.

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Automation Connect
Christopher Nolan fans would find it rather easy to tell. How about you? #TechInFiction
A moment to rejoice for obsessive note takers, who want to stay ahead of the curve? Definitely yes. #TheFutureIsNow
Omron's Multi-Track Inspection Automation solution to medical equipment makers marks a new milestone. #InsideOmron
Omron wishes you a very #HappyRepublicDay2017
Sameer Gandhi - MD, Omron Automation, India featured in #BusinessStandard as he talks about importance of #automation #IIoT for initiatives like #MakeInIndia.

He believes, it is time that Indian #manufacturers consider setting up world class facilities to effectively cater to Indian and global market.


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Incentivise automation in manufacturing to give a boost for Make in India
Alexander Graham Bell, credited with the invention of the first practical telephone spoke to his assistant Thomas Watson in presence of President Woodrow Wilson and the then mayors of both cities. #ThisDayInTechnology
#LifeBeforeAutomation for designers would indeed be a far stretch of imagination, given the modern sewing machines with automatic needle threader and multiple stitching options that we have today. Oh! And we aren’t complaining about the computerized LCD screens either.
Although it was not until 2006 when the domain name was purchased by Twitter Inc. and took the form it is today. #ThisDayInTechnology
A lot of motion capture technology went into making this James Cameron-directed 2009 action-adventure-fantasy film. #TechInFiction
The sooner this tech becomes affordable to public, the better the road safety in the days to come will be. With the helmet integrity system, always be prepared to hit the road with 100% immunity. #TheFutureIsNow
Tag your friends, whom you would like to gift this helmet to, and tell us why!