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Omron India
yesterday at 15:12. Facebook
Nanoparticles react with glucose molecules in tears causing colour changes in the lenses to indicate low blood sugar. For scores of Diabetes patients worldwide, this could be a thing to marvel! Your take? #TheFutureIsNow
Omron India
12/04/2016 at 11:01. Facebook
Omron with its relays and switches in the X-ray machines ensures safety and desired results. #OmronInEverydayLife
Omron India
12/03/2016 at 09:48. Facebook
Personal transportation received a shot in the arm with the millennium’s first invention with the self-balanced, battery-powered electric Segway Personal Transporter. Running on computers and motors in its base, the vehicle keeps itself upright when the user rides it by shifting weight. #ThisDayInTechnology
Omron India
11/30/2016 at 14:35. Facebook
From the mechanical punch card to the holographic versatile disc, #LifeBeforeAutomation has really come a long way. Agree?
To the fans of 2010 action-adventure-sci-fi TRON: Legacy, the Identity discs or the light discs were one of the top tech draws during the action between the users and programs in the Grid. Why? Because these wearable discs record everything seen, heard or experienced, and as one of the key characters announces, “Everything you do or learn will be imprinted on this disc. If you lose your disc,...
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Omron’s sensors and switches in a gas meter ensure safety and aid in preventing a disaster. #OmronInEverydayLife
Welcome to the future of medicine and surgery. With the advent of medical holographic technology, doctors/surgeons will have an enhanced visual engagement with the subject for research, diagnostics and treatments. Thoughts? #TheFutureIsNow
Produced by @PixarAnimationStudios and released by @WaltDisneyPictures 27 animators used 400 computer models to animate the characters in Toy Story. Computer-generated imagery in animation commonly refers to dynamic 3D computer graphics rendered as a movie with special effects, and Toy Story really took it to infinity and beyond with that. #ThisDayInTechnology
A month after UCLA student Charley Kline tried to transmit the text “login” to a computer at the Stanford Research Institute, the first permanent link on the ARPANet was established between UCLA and the Stanford Research Institute laying the foundation to the modern internet. #ThisDayInTechnology
Omron with its relays and switches ensures safety and efficient working of the solar power generation systems. #OmronInEverydayLife
Indian American Astrophysicist and winner of 1983 @nobelprize in Physics with William A. Fowler Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar is recognised chiefly for his ground-breaking contribution to stellar structure and evolution. The Chandrasekhar Limit or the maximum mass of a stable white dwarf star is named after him.
Omron healthcare India participates IITF 2016 in Pragati Maidan from today!
Come and try out our healthcare products at our booth!

Pragati Maidan 27 hall 2D
With Omron’s smart meter management solutions, there are no electricity thefts! #OmronInEverydayLife
With Omron’s Smart Meter, there are no electricity thefts! #OmronInEverydayLife
From collecting your morning newspaper at the doorstep and reading it during breakfast to waking up and scrolling through global and regional news on your modern touch screen device #LifeBeforeAutomation is hard to imagine today.
The ability to monitor and influence consciousness with aid of a physical neural interface may be a distant reality, but the 2011 Sci-fi thriller manages to deliver a convincing quantum leap using Jake Gyllenhall’s body as the host body, on point.
If you could control consciousness remotely through a physical neural interface, would you? #TechInFiction
2 years prior to Marconi, Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose made the first public demonstration of radio waves foe communication in 1895. Regarded as the one of the fathers of radio science, Bose also made significant contributions to plant science; inventing the Crescograph for measuring the growth in plants. #Innovators
Omron’s connectors provide you with better signal and battery connection, making your life easier & more comfortable. #OmronInEverydayLife
In spirit of the season, we commit to advance manufacturing excellence with innovative sensing and control technologies. #CreatingHappiness
Omron wishes you and your family a very #HappyDiwali2016
In spirit of the season, we look forward to manufacturing advanced components for automakers. #CreatingHappiness
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