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We have come a long way since #ThisDayInTechnology. What modern day application of LASER is your favourite?
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It would seem that Shia LaBeouf on the run from mean machines is precisely what the ‘man vs. technology’ genre is all about. #TechInFiction
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The lasers create bubbles in a thick liquid that’s illuminated using a lamp. These colorful bubbles act as voxels, creating 3D images in the fluid "screen," giving it a volume. #TheFutureIsNow
So you think you know your heroes and their weapons well enough? #TechInFiction
Wishing everyone a joyous and spirited festival of colours. #HappyHoli
Oh! And it also knows when you get cold feet, just so that it could turn the heat on at the bottom of the bed. How thoughtful! #TheFutureIsNow
Omron’s Tamper Detection Sensor for smart meters is the world’s first total tamper detection solution, now on display ISGW 2017.
Omron’s sensor-based, self-powered, wireless monitoring solution for LT Lines, contributing towards loss reduction ISGW 2017.
Bonus points if you can tell how many laws robotics is primarily governed by? #TechInFiction
"Omron's sensors and solutions will play a pivotal role in making India smart and energy efficient," says Vinod Raphael, Country Business Head, Omron Electronic and Mechanical Components Business, India.

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OMRON undertakes expansion in the smart energy segment
When was the last time you turned to technology to alter your mood significantly, without having to explain your chagrin? #TheFutureIsNow
Delighted to be at ISGW 2017 where we’ll showcase some of our best solutions to making cities smart and future-ready.

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#IronMan fans! Fantasies aside, how realistically close to knowing the beloved super hero are you? #TechInFiction
Designed, manufactured and marketed by Cray Research, it went on to become one of the most famous supercomputers in history. #ThisDayInTechnology
Featuring the now-in-practice 3D printing technology, Holodecks are virtual reality rooms that offer the user an immersive experience in real-time unlike no other previously explored technology. #TheFutureIsNow
With a maximum speed of Mach 2.04 and seating for 92 to 128 passengers, the British-French turbojet took to the skies on #ThisDayInTechnology
This futuristic robot has the uncanny ability of being able to play table tennis better than most humans

Video: The record breaking robot that teaches humans how to play table tennis
Powered by 4 disc-shaped hover engines, the hoverboard is now a realistic offering with magnetic field-induced levitation.

Who wants to have one parked in their garage? #TheFutureIsNow
#MeetTheRecordBreakers Guinness World Records

Taku Oya, a key brain of #FORPHEUS project team, talks about his inspiration in realizing the #ArtificialIntelligence equipped technology.

He also shares his technical insights on #Omron's record breaking invention.

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Table tennis playing robot breaks world record - Japan Tour

The record breaking robot that teaches humans how to play table tennis. Bitly ► チャンネル登録してください Subscribe for more: The Guinness W...