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Lydiah sees the value in open discussion and honesty - now she's using it to free women from the stigma of HIV.

Eradicating HIV stigma and humiliation: How Lydiah is changing lives in Kenya
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Author, activist, and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg is standing with us!

Sheryl Sandberg stands up for girls' education
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In 2015, this disease killed three people every minute!!!

5 things to know about the number one infectious killer in the world
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Right now, 130 MILLION girls across the world are out of school.
Our leaders MUST fix this.
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We know the power of education. Do you?

If you care, ACT!
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Mary is the ONLY female sand harvester in her community (for now!)

Surviving on Sand
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These shouldn’t be legitimate reasons for girls not to do their school work.

10 legitimate reasons for girls to not do their school work
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Electricity has an important role in education!

What I learned about energy and education on my trip to Kenya
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Life as a refugee means struggling to find adequate education.

For many, life as a refugee means struggling to find adequate education
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YOU can help all girls get the education they deserve. Add your name to our letter. ⬇⬇⬇

Half a billion women can't read this.
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Advocacy – literally voicing the needs of our neighbors alongside them – makes a difference.

Why this artist wants you to raise your voice
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"I really didn't know if I would make it."
But she did - and it was thanks to her education.

Margaret: Why investing in a girl means investing in an entire community
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Your voice is incredibly powerful, so use it to speak up! Act NOW by adding your name here:
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Using her mobile as a learning tool gave this teacher access to thousands of e-books!

Ensuring everyone has the right to read and learn
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5 Glamour Award winners have signed our letter!
Will you join them and support girls' education?

99 influential figures have signed on to support girls' education... and you're next
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1. → About 1 in 3 women have experienced some form of sexual or physical violence.

6 things you should know about gender-based violence
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