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Sadly, these are legitimate reasons for girls to not do their school work.

10 legitimate reasons for girls to not do their school work
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5 Glamour Award winners have signed our letter!
Will you join them and support girls' education?

114 influential figures have signed on to support girls’ education… and you’re next
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For many of the women, this is a chance to find peace in their life and to look forward to a self-sustaining future as a successful farmer.

In Rwanda, this sisterhood of farmers are banding together to beat poverty
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For the fourth year in a row, ONE, Accountability Lab, and #CultureFix are teaming up to host the Honesty Oscars. Cast your vote today!

Cast your vote for the 2017 Honesty Oscars!
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“In my culture, people believe that girls should stay at home and raise children. Girls are considered a source of wealth to the family. I want to break the record and prove that girls have a future.”

From camp to campus
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ICYMI we *just* launched a powerful new video.

NEW VIDEO: Poverty is Sexist
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People living with HIV, TB, or diabetes now access to quality health services thanks to this health club.

How a Côte d’Ivoire health club is helping people living with chronic diseases
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It's in your power to help!
Sign our #PovertyIsSexist letter today.

It's in your power to help!
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The fight against extreme poverty is tied to the fight for gender equality, and that's especially evident in education.

The case for girls' education
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This community KNEW they couldn't let girls miss out on getting an education because of menstruation.

What a Kenyan community can teach us about menstrual hygiene and human rights
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These kids are learning some seriously valuable STEM skills

Why this woman is teaching 20,000 Ghanaian kids to code
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Both Martin Luther King, Jr. and Nelson Mandela used letters as a means to relay essential messages to the public.

4 famous letters — and one we want YOU to sign
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Anne's husband didn't value education, but that didn't matter to her. She knew what was important. [ Link ]

This teacher and single mother in Kenya is helping her students succeed
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Harvesting rainwater has completely transformed the lives of these Kenyan villagers.

Harvesting rain offers access to water, sanitation, and more for this...
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ICYMI: We launched a powerful #PovertyIsSexist video last week.

WATCH: Poverty is Sexist
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Margaret questioned if she would make it, but thanks to her education her life has since been transformed!

Margaret’s story: Why investing in a girl means investing in a community
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"You couldn't be where you are today without a good education." Read and sign our #PovertyIsSexist letter today!

If you care, ACT!
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These are not typical solutions to gaps in gender data.

Check out these innovative gender data projects from Côte d’Ivoire!