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02/17/2017 at 19:56. Facebook
Woohoo! Our partnership with Pump Aid has been funded! Thanks to all who helped make this project a reality. Cheers to #cleanwater and improved #sanitation for kids and families in Malawi!
One Day's Wages
02/16/2017 at 21:09. Facebook
These cool dudes are behind The Sci-Fi Christian podcast, and their campaign raised over 5K last year for clean water...[ Link ]
One Day's Wages
02/14/2017 at 19:24. Facebook
Maddy was born with CHD (Congenial Heart Disease). He lives in Iraq, where it can be difficult to get the proper treatment for heart-related health issues.

Couple years ago we partnered with an organization called Preemptive Love to enable children like Maddy to receive heart surgeries so that they could live happy, healthy lives.

Children's health is one of our core issues that we work on...
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One Day's Wages
02/13/2017 at 20:34. Facebook
Last year our founder Eugene Cho had the opportunity to visit refugees like this family from Aleppo who left their home to escape the constant bombings.

One of the issues he encountered while there was child labor. Every child is working, some throughout the day, while a few work immediately after school. Only 10-15% of child refugees are currently in school--partly because of space and...
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Maybe it's easier to keep the refugee crisis at arms length or co-opt it into a partisan fight because we think of it as impacting people unlike us.

But are they? Are Syrian children like Emime and Roni, who fled Syria in search of safety, all that different from children here? Children are children wherever they're from. They want to play, laugh, learn, make friends, explore, and dream....
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Proud of our Founder Eugene Cho for being one of the leaders to sign this open letter to President Trump.

"While we are eager to welcome persecuted Christians, we also welcome vulnerable Muslims and people of other faiths or no faith at all. This executive order dramatically reduces the overall number of refugees allowed this year, robbing families of hope and a future. And it could well...
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100 evangelical leaders sign ad denouncing Trump's refugee ban
Why we continue to fight for justice --> “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” —Martin Luther King
Stand with refugees by pledging your birthday this year. Pledging is easy, and your birthday will make a big impact on refugee families.

Pledge Your Birthday For Refugees
Just granted out over $75K to provide better health care for moms and their families in Mali and Nepal! Thank you to everyone who contributed!
Put simply: Our capacity for compassion is our strength.

Join us as we continue to stand with those displaced in the Middle East.

Standing with Refugees
Waterborne illness takes the lives of thousands of children in Malawi every year. But there is something we can do. Join us in providing clean water & hygiene education to children in Malawi #cleanwaterforall

Clean Water and Sanitation for Children in Malawi — One Day's Wages
Food for thought as you begin your week...
Join us as we stand with refugee families from Syria & Iraq to provide relief during this tragic humanitarian crisis
"Changing the world doesn't require earth shattering feats but rather doing small things with great love. Think simple, not spectacular. -Eugene Cho
The life of a refugee can be difficult. Missing the home you had before, and never quite fitting into the home you have now. This can be especially hard for children. That's why we work to provide education for Syrian children who are refugees in the Middle East. Continuing their education is an important way to help refugee children adapt and heal.
"The stories that we tell must evolve continually to reflect dignity back to the people we serve. The way we do justice matters as much as the work being done."

New blog post up:
See how we're partnering with NBA player Jeremy Lin 林書豪 to empower girls through education... #empowergirls #odwandjlin
Congrats to Woojin for finishing the Houston Marathon and reaching his fundraising goal! His Marathon for a Cause will provide clean water, education, and much more to people living in extreme poverty [ Link ] #ODWstories
"You can identify the girls who are on sale for sex if they are wearing a number," our team was briefed before walking down a red light district in Bangkok, Thailand.

More Than a Story of Human Trafficking
Big thanks to New Life Fellowship for inviting our Communications Director Melissa Cushman to speak about ODW's work. We were inspired by New Life's passion to make a positive impact on the world.