One Day's Wages
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We're a little under 7K away from reaching our goal to invest in clean water for these rural communities in Uganda. Check out this video from our partners showing the real needs on the ground, and how you can help make the hope of clean water a reality for these communities.
One Day's Wages
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“My name is Saturday. I am a well caretaker at Kabambiro well.
When I wake up in the morning and set up the place with all my books for record keeping, I feel good, people respect me.

This is a very good program because some of us had no jobs before and are now employed. We [now] have water to look after our families and take care of our growing crops.”

Empower more well caretakers &...
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One Day's Wages
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Our campaign for World Water Day was inspired by two mothers.

Earning only $2 per day, these two friends found work at a nearby farm and labored for five days in order to each contribute $10 toward bringing clean water to their community.

When asked why they would labor for five days to contribute as much as they could, one friend replied, “Water is life. Without water there is no life.”
Whoever decided being a mechanic was a man's job, never met Patience. She's a 21 year old mechanic from Western Uganda, and she's proud to be fixing water wells, and breaking stereotypes.

Patience is a smart young woman; finished in the top 5% of her class. She even attended a technical school to become a mechanic. Patience knows there are not many female mechanics out there, but she says...
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Big thanks to Jeremy Lin 林書豪 for donating his wages from tonight's Nets game. You can join his campaign by making a donation here...

Jeremy Lin + One Day's Wages: One Game to Empower Girls
Thank you Jeremy Lin 林書豪 for sharing about our work to empower girls!

Good luck at tonight's game! #onedayswages
Though our founder Eugene Cho won't be showing off his mad skills on the court, he'll be at the game cheering on Jeremy Lin 林書豪.
You can cheer Jeremy on by supporting his campaign to empower girls here:
Watch our partner Jeremy Lin 林書豪 talk about what One Day's Wages means to him and why it's so important to give back.
For these 4 communities, water isn't just necessary, water is life. Join us and The Adventure Project to provide safe drinking water for life. #WorldWaterDay

Invest in Clean Water for Uganda | ODW + TAP
Meet Yai. She participated in a human trafficking prevention program that we supported in Thailand, which helped young women complete their education. She’s now studying Social Work at a University, and has a deep desire to help others and give back to her community.

We're able to help empower young women like Yai through access to education thanks to our incredible campaigners and partners....
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The big game is THIS FRIDAY! Join Jeremy Lin 林書豪 and make a donation to help empower girls:
#WorldWaterDay is just around the corner, so we thought we'd re-share this post from our trip to Uganda last year when we visited some pretty incredible women who are helping provide clean water to their communities...

Beyond Collecting Water: these women are making the water flow — One Day's Wages

The game date is set! Jeremy Lin 林書豪 will donate one game's wages on March 17th!

Jeremy Lin Donates Game's Wages March 17th
We're honored to partner with Jeremy Lin this year to help empower girls world-wide. Check out his thoughts on #InternationalWomensDay

One Day's Wages + Jeremy Lin — One Day's Wages
Happy International Women's Day!

You can empower women today with skills, knowledge, and work opportunities to support themselves and their families.
Make your voice heard now:
"We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back" -Malala Yousafzai #internationalwomensday #iwd2017
1 in 3 women globally are afflicted by physical or sexual violence.
Learn what you can do: [ Link ]
#internationalwomensday #iwd2017
In who's path will you place yourself in today?
We partnered with The Adventure Project to provide 14,558 people in Uganda with clean water by restoring wells & creating jobs. See the impact you've made...