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Duncan started One with a vision to change one life, one day at a time. 11 years later and we’ve changed over 3 million lives thanks to you
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Celebrating 2017 in style at D&D London’s Madison Restaurant London
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Make sure to drink your greens this New Year (this one is also good for people in need of clean water!)
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“I left Malawi knowing that our programme in Thyolo was achieving incredible, sustainable change & that there is more to be done” One’s Vic
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One’s Kellie asked her daughters Scarlett and Anouska (age 7 and 9) what they would like the world to look like in 2030. Read their answers here

What my kids would like the world to look like in 2030 - One Difference - United Kingdom
Whether you’re running, cycling or skating to keep fit this New Year – why not keep hydrated with a drink that’s changing lives?
“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water” Loran Eisley (we couldn’t agree more!)
We’re celebrating today as the heroes at Virgin Atlantic have now raised £300,000 by serving One Water, changing 45,000 lives forever!
New Year’s resolution to make a difference in the gym? Make a difference in the world’s poorest communities too with One #MondayMotivation
Thanks to you, children in Zambia can concentrate on gaining an education this year instead of walking miles to collect water
Walk a mile in Annie, Joseph and Inesse’s shoes by reading Nikki’s latest blog post from a recent trip to Malawi [ Link ]

Walk a mile in their shoes - One Difference - United Kingdom
“Can you please point at a drink that has no added sugar, preservatives or flavourings AND funds water projects around the world?”
Discover how you can eat, drink and shop in London while doing good at the same time in ForSocialGood's latest blog post about London Social Enterprises

ForSocialGood in London (UK)
Make sure 2017 is a year that someone else will remember forever by helping to give the gift of clean water. Donate here: [ Link ]
Looking to be healthy or do something good for the world in 2017? Well it could be as simple as just picking up a bottle of Juiced Water
Here’s to a happy New Year with clean water!
Thanks to you, over half a million people will celebrate this new year with access to clean water in Malawi – the world’s poorest country
Looking for a New Year’s resolution that can really make a difference? Then why not enjoy a drink in 2017 that changes lives around the world?
Having clean water means no more long, dangerous journeys in 2017 and beyond for the millions of women and children who have to collect water every day