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Whether you're in perfect health or dealing with something more serious, it pays to be a smart consumer of healthcare.

4 Ways to Save Money on Healthcare
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Getting a better night's sleep doesn't have to be complicated — and it makes a huge difference with your health.
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Meet Chicago native William, one of the providers in our Chicago Lincoln Park office.
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It's the first day of spring! How are you celebrating?
Allergy season is here. Here's how to stay healthy — and when it's time to visit your PCP.

How to Stay Healthy During Allergy Season
Celebrate St. Patrick's Day responsibly with our healthy drinking guide.

The Doctor's Guide to Healthy Drinking
Have you been to our Lincoln Park office in Chicago? Here's a peek at what you'll see when you visit.
Whether you're on spring break or a business trip, try these moves to stay fit on the go.

10 Workout Moves for Your Hotel Room
Daylight Savings Time begins this weekend — here's how to make sure you don't miss out on valuable sleep.

7 Ways to Get More Sleep Naturally
We're proud of women, like our CTO Kimber Lockhart, who are passionate about women in health. #IWD2017

At the few tech companies led by female CTOs, ‘brilliant jerks’ are not allowed
Here's what you can do when the cold or flu strikes.

Our Definitive Guide to Cold and Flu
Getting answers now can mean peace of mind later.

4 Things to Ask Your Insurance During Pregnancy
A few simple changes can have big results.

5 Ways You Can Lower Your Colon Cancer Risk
Your annual physical matters in ways you may not expect. Are you asking the right questions?

The 5 Things That Matter Most From Your Physical
Bug going around the office? Here's what you can do about it.

6 Tips for Avoiding the Flu in an Open Office
If you've ever received a large bill for what you thought was a straightforward checkup, your health insurance deductible may be the culprit.

Making Sense of Your Insurance Deductible
Just gonna leave this right here... #NationalMargaritaDay

The Doctor's Guide to Healthy Drinking
Healthcare can be tricky to navigate, but we're here to help.

Becoming a Smarter Healthcare Consumer
We sat down with Darla Klokeid, MD, one of the providers in our upcoming Seattle office, to chat about sleep concerns and your health.