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The ER isn't your only option when something isn't right.

Think you need to go to the ER? Call us first.
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It's hard to know when you're too sick to go to work. Here's how to spot the difference. ????

5 Times You Shouldnโ€™t Feel Guilty About Taking a Sick Day
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We sat down with Beth Pferdehirt, FNP-C, to get answers to your questions about IUDs.
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Got a question about IUDs? We'll be going live with Beth Pferdehirt, FNP-C, at 11:05am PT.

Beth Pferdehirt, FNP-C, Family Medicine | One Medical
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Busy day? Here's how some of our doctors squeeze in exercise.

Doctors Reveal Their Go-To Fitness Routines
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Cuddle up with someone special โ€” it's good for you!

3 Reasons Kissing Is Good for You
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Here's what to expect at your appointment.

What to Expect at Your IUD Insertion
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We're thrilled to be #1 in health on Fast Company's 2017 Most Innovative Companies list. #FCMostInnovative

Why One Medical Is One Of The Most Innovative Companies Of 2017
Meet Chi, a DO in Phoenix who believes in empowering her patients to take charge of their health.
Planning ahead for the Big Game? Try these tips.

Healthy Snack Ideas to Satisfy Junk Food Cravings
IUDs are growing more popular. Here's what you need to know about them.

Your Guide to IUDs
Hereโ€™s a look at the facts so you can make an informed decision about drinking alcohol during your pregnancy.

Drinking and Pregnancy: Your Top Questions Answered
Ready to start running? Our sports medicine specialists share how to get going.

Get Running: Six Steps to 5K
Passionate about health? Let's talk.

One Medical Careers
Dry eyes can be irritating, but there are easy ways to find relief.

How to Deal with Dry Eyes
Choosing a provider for your child can be challenging, but we're here to help.

It Takes a Village: Choosing a Provider for Your Child
We are live with Sarit Shtivelman, MD, answering your questions about children and sleep.
Got a case of the Mondays?

Try some good mood food (via PureWow).

These 11 Foods Are Scientifically Proven to Boost Your Mood
Have a question about your child's sleep habits? We'll be live on Facebook with Sarit Shtivelman, MD, tomorrow at 10am PT.

Meet Pediatrician Sarit Shtivelman, MD
Meet Divya, an MD in Boston who takes a holistic approach to health.