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We need your help to value the price of this player. How much would you spend on this player?
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Tag a friend who thinks he's the better manager!
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Exactly one year ago, one of the greatest to have ever played the game passed away. In memory of Johan Cruyff (1947-2016).
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The world cup qualifiers are coming up! Do you have confidence in your national team? Let us know how you think your national team is going to perform! ⚽
Young talents can develop into important key players in your team. Which player is your new future star? Drop his name in the comments below!
Guardiola's Manchester City are welcoming Liverpool FC for another big clash in the Premier League! Will the Reds or the Cityzens win this match?

(y) = Manchester City
<3 = Liverpool FC
How many Expert Achievements did you unlock so far? Leave your comment below!
كم عدد الإنجازات التي قمت بتحقيقها على مستوى الخبير حتى الآن؟ اكتب تعليقاتك أدناه!
Choose your side! Do you prefer the side with stripes or basics?

(y) = Team Striped
<3 = Team Basic
How many stars do you have based on the year you started playing on OSM? ✨
Which clubs are you managing at the moment? Let us know!
We need your opinion on this!
How many Advanced Achievements did you unlock so far? Leave your comment below, don't be shy!
Which way of Marking do you rather choose?
(y) = Zonal Marking
<3 = Man Marking
We all remember PSG dominating Barcelona in the home match. Can Barcelona recover?

(y) = FC Barcelona
<3 = PSG - Paris Saint-Germain
Bayern Munich absolutely destroyed Arsenal: 5-1. Can Arsenal do the same at the Emirates?

(y) = Arsenal
<3 = FC Bayern München
Another huge premier league clash is approaching! Liverpool are facing Arsenal tomorrow! Who do you think will win this clash?

(Y) = Arsenal
<3 = Liverpool FC
What is your latest result?
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Those Chairmen can be really demanding! Do you agree with the sacking?
#LeicesterCity #Ranieri #DillyDang
What's your favourite Tackling style?

Carefull =
Normal = (y)
Agressive = <3
Reckless =