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Those Chairmen can be really demanding! Do you agree with the sacking?
#LeicesterCity #Ranieri #DillyDang
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What's your favourite Tackling style?

Carefull =
Normal = (y)
Agressive = <3
Reckless =
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Who's your new signed player?
Drop the name of the player in the comments!
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COMMENT, LIKE & SHARE to lead your favourite club to victory!
(Y) = Porto vs. <3 = Juventus
The more fans, the more shots your club creates!
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This is a difficult one! A clash between Team Red and Team Blue. Pick a side!

<3 = Team Red
(Y) = Team Blue
How many beginners Achievements did you unlock so far?

Leave a comment below!
The UEFA Champions League is back! The best 16 are left!

Which club will you support?
Another huge premier league clash is approaching! Liverpool FC are facing Tottenham Hotspur tomorrow! Who do you think will win this clash?

(Y) = Liverpool
<3 = Tottenham
Which line tactics for your defenders would you rather choose for your next match?
Happy Birthday Cristiano Ronaldo!
(Y) = Congratulations
Wenger's Arsenal is facing Conte's Chelsea Football Club in an away game tomorrow! Who will win this London Derby!

(Y) = Chelsea
<3 = Arsenal
How many manager points do you have on your 1st club slot?
One of the last real club icons in football is ending his career: Frank Lampard! Let's honour this Blues icon with a blue icon (y)
An appetizer from 2 years ago! Today, Atlético de Madrid will face FC Barcelona in the Copa del Rey. Predict the outcome of today's match! ⚽
It's the end of the transfer period! Maybe you can sign some quality players as well! Boss Coin packages contain up to 30% more Boss Coins⚠

Don't miss out on this!
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It's a mouth-watering clash between Juventus and A.C. Milan​ in the quarter-finals of the Coppa Italia. The team that reaches the next round is...?

(Y) = Juventus
❤ = A.C. Milan
Happy Birthday to Luis Suarez (30)

(Y) = Congratulations
The Spurs will face the Cityzens in an away game tommorow. Who do you support?
Louis van Gaal is ending his career as a football manager! We'll all remember him for his passion at the touchlines! Which one is your favourite #LVG?