Only Fools and Horses
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"Michael Jackson's got Bubbles, I've got Rodney"

Tonight on Gold Channel at 7.20pm it's the 1990 Christmas special Rodney Come Home.

Here's the trailer :-)
Only Fools and Horses
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"I can speak a bit of German..."

Tonight on Gold Channel at 6.40pm it's From Prussia With Love :-)
Only Fools and Horses
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"Denzil, I got your money..."

Coming up tonight on Gold Channel...

8pm: Watching The Girls Go By
8.40pm: As One Door Closes
9.20pm: From Prussia with Love
Only Fools and Horses
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Only Fools and Horses
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"We know who done it. The rhino done it"

Lots of great episodes of Only Fools and Horses on Gold Channel today :-)

9.20am: Happy Returns
10am: Strained Relations
10.40am: Hole in One
11.20am: It's Only Rock and Roll
12.50pm: Sleeping Dogs Lie
1.30pm: Watching the Girls Go By
2.10pm: As One Door Closes
2.50pm: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
3.30pm: From Prussia with Love
4.10pm: The Miracle...
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Only Fools and Horses
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Tonight on Gold Channel at 7.35pm it's If They Could See Us Now :-)

Here's an orginal trailer from 2001 :-)

(and repeated tomorrrow at 8.50am)
Tonight on Gold Channel

7.25pm: Hole in One
8pm: It's Only Rock and Roll
8.40pm: Sleeping Dogs Lie
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Del: Can't you just find The Bear?
Albert: Well what does it look like?
Del: Well it looks like a bloody rabbit don't it - I mean what do you think a bear looks like?

Lots of episodes Only Fools and Horses on Gold Channel today :-)

Noon: Homesick
12.40pm: Healthy Competition
1.20pm: Friday The 14th
3.50pm: Yesterday Never Comes
4.30pm: May The Force Be With You
5.10pm: Wanted
5.50pm: Who's a...
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"We've had worse days...."

Today Gold Channel...

12.45pm: Time On Our Hands
2pm: Homesick
2.40pm: Healthy Competition
3.15pm: Friday the 14th
5.50pm: Yesterday Never Comes
6.30pm: May the Force Be with You
7.10pm: Wanted
7.50pm: Who's a Pretty Boy?
8.25pm: Thicker than Water
Tonight on Gold Channel...

8pm: Thicker Than Water
8.40pm: Happy Returns
9.20pm: Strained Relations
"How yer goin' Dave?"

Lots of lovely jubbly episodes of Only Fools and Horses on Gold Channel today :-)

8am: Big Brother
8.40am: Go West Young Man
9.20am: Cash and Curry
10am: The Second Time Around
10.40am: Slow Bus to Chingford
11.20am: The Russians Are Coming
12.35pm: A Touch of Glass
1.15pm: The Long Legs of the Law
1.55pm: Ashes to Ashes
2.35pm: A Losing Streak
3.15pm: No Greater...
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Rodney: I'd never wear a British uniform on principle.
Del: What principle?
Rodney: Well, on the principle that the Russians might shoot at it

Today on Gold Channel:

9.40am: As One Door Closes
1pm: Big Brother
1.40pm: Go West Young Man
2.20pm: Cash and Curry
3pm: The Second Time Around
3.40pm: Slow Bus to Chingford
4.20pm: The Russians Are Coming
5pm: The Long Legs of the Law
5.40pm: Ashes...
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"You pushed me!"

Tonight on Gold Channel at 8.20pm it's As One Door Closes :-)
Sir David Jason is writing his second book - My Lives - which looks at the characters he's played during his long and distinguished career.

Sir David says: ‘In my first book, I enjoyed sharing my life with the great British public, and I was overwhelmed by their support and kindness. In my new book, My Lives, I am delighted to share the story of the many other lives I have lived – my...
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"I'm not ever so white"

Tonight on Gold Channel at 7.20pm it's Who's A Pretty Boy... :-)
Anyone fancy a nice glass of Peckham Spring water?

Today on Gold Channel at 1.40pm it's the 1992 Christmas special Mother Nature's Son followed by

3.10pm: Fatal Extraction
5pm: Heroes and Villains
6.20pm: Modern Men

Here's the original trailer :-)
Tonight on Gold Channel at 5.40pm it's Sleepless in Peckham :-)
Cassandra: Why do they do that?
Raquel: It's like I've told you, Cassandra. Women are from Venus, men are from Peckham...

Tonight on Gold Channel at 8.40pm it's Sleepless In Peckham - and before that, at 8pm, it's the first ever episode of Only Fools and Horses, Big Brother

Did you know that Big Brother was one of the possible titles for Only Fools and Horses before it was transmitted in...
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