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Don't let the weather get you down. DEO2 by Only Vimal is an innovation that arrests the growth of micro-organisms to keep your clothes fresh & cool, all day long! #FashionInnovation
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#DidYouKnow - The earliest cotton in the world was spun & worn in India. #FashionFacts
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Wearing prints? Ensure there's a fine balance between plains & prints for a complete look. #FashionForMen #StyleTips
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Plain T-shirt with well-fitted navy blue Only Vimal Jacket, along with a bright pocket square. Add sunglasses to this stylish look and complete your semi-casual look! #OnlyVimal
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While all other colours play their part, we hope the colour red floods your life a little more! We wish you a love-filled Valentine’s Day #OnlyVimal
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Let your surrounding never deter your inner zeal. DEO-2 by Only Vimal will keep you fresh & going despite heat & humidity! #FashionInnovation
Which look out of the below three fits your style statement? Hit Like/Love or Wow & tell us your favourite. #FashionForMen
Glamour knows no holiday! #StayGlamorous #Fashion #Styling
Are you a true cufflink fan? What do you think are these type of cufflink called? #FashionTriva #FashionForMen
An exemplar of perfection, this blue tux has just the right amount of colour balance with the black lapel making it's own statement over blue! The wine red bow tie accentuates the pearl white shirt. #FashionForMen #OnlyVimal
A big congratulations to all our winners for the January Fashion Quiz! DM us with your contact details. #ContestWinners #OnlyVimalWinners #fashionQuizWinners
#DidYouKnow - A Sneakerhead is someone who collects shoes! Well, we think there are far too many sneakerheads out there. #FashionFacts #MensWear
Let nothing dull your spirit on your big day. DEO2 is a #FashionInnovation by Only Vimal that keeps you fresh, cool & confident despite the heat & humidity, all day long!
#DidYouKnow - In Rome, purple clothing was exclusively reserved for emperors and magistrates. #BoldFashion #MensWear
Monochrome's great. But a dash of colour makes it even better. #FashionForMen
There are too many compromises to make. Let fashion not be one of them. #Styling #MensWear #OnlyVimal
There's no place for a bad crease on a good day. D-CREASED by Only Vimal will keep your outfit wrinkled-free & smoother than ever. #FashionInnovation #MensWear
This pattern has been making an appearance on most accessories for men & is a preferred choice for many. What do you think it's called? #FashionQuiz
Reflect the seasons by dressing up to the mood. Summer days call for pastels while winters play perfect hosts to woollens #MensFashion #Styling
No piece of cloth can ever invoke a feeling as strong as the tricolour waving high in the sky.
Wishing every Indian a happy 68th Republic day.