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PROTECTOR by Only Vimal - An innovation for a man on a mission! #MensFashion #FashionInnovation
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3 different suiting styles that deserve some space in your wardrobe! #Styling #Fashion
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Dress like it's the best day of your life, every day! #Style #MensFashion
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If you had to head to an evening party right after an important meeting, which out of these would you pick to look your best at both? #Style #MensFashion
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When suiting up, always remember the 'sometimes-always-never' rule! #StyleTip #MensFashion
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This 3-sided tie knot sure strikes an impression! What do you think it's called? Post your answers in the comments below & stand a chance to win Rs 250 voucher! #StyleQuiz
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Suits more often make for memories than just clothing. DCREASED by Vimal keeps your suit crease-free & smooth so your memories are captured flawlessly! #FashionInnovation #Suitings
#DidYouKnow - The correct term for a tie collector is 'grabologist'. Think you're obsessed with ties? Well, you just got a new name! #MensWear #Suiting #Trivia
Here's a quick quiz! Put your fashion knowledge to test by guessing the answer & stand a chance to win a Rs. 250 voucher! Post your answers in the comments below. #Fashion #Quiz
Always dress for the occasion! You may be a passionate dresser, but it's best to take your pick as per the occasion. A suit is great for a night reception but may not be the best for a date at the cafe. #StyleTips #MensFashion
#DidYouKnow - A famous suiting element 'French cuff' is NOT French! Invented in Britian, French cuffs were designed to fasten easily at the appropriate length with the excess material folded. #MensWear #Suiting #Trivia
Teaming a polka tie with a striped suit? Mixing two prints is an absolute no-no. Pick one & let that be the star of your attire! #FashionTips #MensWear #Suiting
Rolling over this fun #FashionQuiz at you! What are these type of shoes known as? Answer it right and get a ₹250 voucher!
What you wear isn't just a piece of cloth. It is your introduction. Stay classy with these bespoke suits from the house of Only Vimal.
Always on the go? D CREASED from Only Vimal is an innovation that dissolves the need to iron clothes by keeping them smooth & wrinkle free! #FashionInnovation
Always ensure that your socks are long enough to not expose your leg while sitting down! #StyleTips #FashionForMen
The thumb rule of wearing a suit right is to keep the bottom button unbuttoned! #StyleTips #MensFashion
The colour of power & authority - Black will make you look like the royalty that you truly are! #ColourTherapy
To new beginnings & better times, here's wishing everyone a Happy New Year from all of us at Only Vimal.
It's time for a fun #FashionQuiz! Match the sunglasses with their correct names. One lucky winner will win Only Vimal GV worth Rs. 250/-. Post your answers in below comments!