Open Season
03/19/2017 at 18:54. Facebook
Safety first!
When you hear there’s gonna be free food
When you see someone you want to avoid...
Everyone's gotta share the road!
Don't let your friends drag you into too much trouble this weekend!
Getting caught in #turbulance
Sometimes, it’s best to read the manual.
“When have my dances ever caused a problem?” - Elliot
When you gotta blend in real quick...
Last chance to splurge before the New Year!
When you get scheduled to work on the weekend...
Keeping up with holiday shopping
Congratulations to director David Feiss and voice actor William Townsend (Elliot & Mr. Weenie) on their Annie Award nominations for Best Directing and Best Voice Acting in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production respectively for OPEN SEASON: SCARED SILLY! Check out exclusive interviews on their roles in the film here: [ Link ] and here: [ Link ]
Who ate too much this weekend?
This Thanksgiving, practice the art of #SelfControl
When you didn't eat... what you thought you ate.
Everyone needs a friend who’s got their back… and their front!
This Halloween, only show your good side #ScaredSillyThursdays
Going out with Boog...
When you're over your job. #ScaredSillyThursday