This was the scene several days ago as torrents of water rushed through streets and towns in #Peru. OB Peru estimates that nearly half a million people have been affected, including 72,000 who have been left homeless.

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Can you imagine what would happen if food prices suddenly skyrocketed so high that you could no longer afford a single meal? That's the reality facing many in #SouthSudan right now, which is why Operation Blessing is distributing food to those most vulnerable.

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Brianna lost her home in the recent Peruvian mudslides and flooding. Her mother took Brianna in her arms, and they were trapped in the river when the mudslide came.

Operation Blessing is working to clean her house, and also distributed 350 breakfasts to Brianna and others who were affected in her community.

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Laura has two growing boys, Josue, 10, and Angel, 7. She used to sell food in her neighborhood, but struggled to earn enough to care for her family.

She was limited to selling in her immediate community, but the people there are poor, like her, and there wasn’t enough support to make it a viable business.

Operation Blessing learned about this dedicated mother, and gave her the tools to take...
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Maya was rescued out of human trafficking. Now she is able to earn a living using a sewing machine she received from Operation Blessing. #Nepal #HumanTrafficking #Microenterprise
“I only had a pair of sandals, but they broke,” he said, recalling his last pair of shoes. “My mom didn’t have the money to buy shoes for me.” Read Sergio's story: [ Link ]

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Perseverance in Poverty - Operation Blessing International
These are the faces of the famine in #SouthSudan where Operation Blessing is working to distribute emergency food supplies to those in desperate need. Please continue to pray for those affected by this ongoing crisis.

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“Happiness... consists in giving, and in serving others.” – Henry Drummond
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As the people of #Peru continue to suffer through devastating flooding and mudslides, Operation Blessing is on the ground distributing food, water and clothing to children and families in need. If you'd like to support Operation Blessing's efforts in Peru, go to: [ Link ]

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In response to the devastating flooding and mudslides that have stuck #Peru, Operation Blessing teams are working to distribute water, food and clothing to those who've lost their homes.

If you'd like to support Operation Blessing's relief response in Peru, visit: [ Link ]

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Sarah is an elderly woman in Monrovia, #Liberia, caring for 2 children by herself. She used to have a baking business before the Ebola outbreak, but now she depends on the generosity of her neighbors to help provide her and her children with food and shelter. Operation Blessing heard about Sarah’s baking abilities and came up with an idea.
Little Adán was suffering from viral warts that covered both of his hands, but his family could not afford the medication he needed to treat them.

Living in the waterlogged community of Bélen, Peru, the only way to get treatment is by boat, and Operation Blessing was willing to make the trip to deliver the medication Adán needed.

It will take some time for the warts to go away, but with...
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These beautiful kids are Bedouins living in the Judean desert. They are receiving hygiene packages provided by Operation Blessing. This is just one of the many projects that OBI is doing in this community.

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The Red Cross and Operation Blessing are working together to help victims of devastating flooding and mudslides in #Peru. Together, we are distributing water, clothes and other relief supplies to disaster victims.
South Sudan is reeling from a famine that has driven food prices to unaffordable levels. Operation Blessing has distributed emergency food supplies to help these desperate families make it through.

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Brianna and Almendra enjoy breakfast, thanks to Operation Blessing. These little girls lost all their belongings in the floods and mudslides that have impacted #Peru over the last few days. Operation Blessing is supplying 350 breakfasts a day to the victims of this disaster. Please continue to #PrayforPeru.

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“Job training empowers people to realize their dreams and improve their lives.” – Sylvia Mathews Burwell

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