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Joseph’s days are no longer spent digging through garbage heaps, collecting scrap metal and plastic bottles to earn money for his family. Just a few months after his cleft lip surgery, Joseph has returned to school — more excited than ever to learn! His father is hopeful that with an education, Joseph will be able to get a good job and build a better life for himself.

Read how surgery has...
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"Oh, I’m very handsome now!" — Joseph

Since his surgery, Joseph is no longer the shy little boy who fears being bullied. Learn more about how a new smile has helped Joseph's confidence soar: bit.ly/JosephPHL2
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Everywhere he went, Joseph was called a cruel name — "bungi" meaning cleft lip. The bullying he experienced at school was so severe that he returned home each day in tears. At six years old, Joseph dropped out of school just to avoid being teased.

Watch to see how Joseph's surgery gave him the opportunity to pursue his education and a chance at a brighter future!
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Today is the World Day of Social Justice!

At Operation Smile, we believe that access to safe surgery is a social justice issue that deserves global attention. "Like" if you agree!

#OperationSmile #SocialJustice #UntilWeHeal
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"Those who have bullied him have now become his friends. When he goes to school now, he is never in a fight. Now, the other children are happy for his sake." — Efren’s father

Learn more about Efren’s life after surgery: bit.ly/Efren2
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Every day, Efren was bullied because of his cleft. They teased him, calling him “bungi” (cleft). Watch to see how surgery made it possible for Efren’s worst enemies to become his closest friends!
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Random acts of kindness cannot only brighten someone’s day — they can change a person’s life!

In celebration of #RandomActsofKindnessDay, read how a stranger’s random act of kindness made it possible for 30-year-old Ephraim of South Africa to receive life-changing cleft surgery: bit.ly/Ephraim
Move with a purpose! With the Charity Miles app, every mile you move earns money to support cleft surgeries for children.

Start walking, biking, running, jumping or skipping for smiles here: [ Charitymiles.org Link ]
"Why do they keep calling me 'bungi' (cleft) when my name is Jane Rose?"

See how as a result of surgery, Jane Rose is no longer defined by her cleft condition. #OperationSmile #UntilWeHeal #Philippines
We LOVE our donors and volunteers! Together, we can help people around the world access the life-changing surgery they deserve — #UntilWeHeal every child with a cleft!

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Operation Smile!
Today is International Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (OMS) Day! Dr. Jordan Swanson, Director of Special Programs at Operación Sonrisa Nicaragua, shares why OMS in Nicaragua are crucial to providing the highest level of excellence in cleft patient care:

“In Nicaragua, OMS help us realize the completeness of care for our patients. After receiving a cleft lip and cleft palate repair, some...
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Our perianesthesia nurse volunteers are critical to delivering quality surgical care to our patients. These nurses help to evaluate whether a patient can safely undergo surgery as well as provide extensive post-operative care. In celebration of PeriAnesthesia Nurse Week, hear from medical volunteer Gloria about her experience as a perianesthesia nurse volunteer with Operation Smile:

“My life...
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Happy PeriAnesthesia Nurse Week to all of our nurse volunteers who supportive pre-operative, post-operative and recovery room care! To learn more about what it’s like to be a perianesthesia nurse volunteer with Operation Smile, check out our interview with medical volunteer Venessa Saldana: bit.ly/VenessasStory
“Unfortunately it’s too late [to prevent the condition] for the children who come to the missions — they’ve already been born with the cleft lip or cleft palate. But what we’re trying to say to these families is that, ‘Your child is going to grow up and have kids of their own one day, so hopefully we have better answers for you in terms of health behaviors you can try to avoid, and certain...
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“What we hope to give back to these communities is overall knowledge. Understanding the risks for developing clefts, understanding what kind of behaviors lead to higher likelihood of cleft lip and cleft palate developing. So really, we think that information is valuable but we also think we need to do it in terms of preventative measures and implementations in the community — whether that’s...
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“This family is very special because it’s such a big family and many of them suffer from cleft conditions. The bigger the family, the easier it is to find what causes it.” — Christine Stafford, research coordinator

After Loraine received surgery to repair her cleft lip and cleft palate, researchers from our International Family Study (IFS) were eager to visit her home on a remote island in...
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Eight-year-old Loraine of the Philippines is one of many people in her family born with a cleft condition. Operation Smile, in partnership with the University of Southern California and Children's Hospital Los Angeles, is studying families like Loraine's to discover the causes of cleft conditions. Our research on the environment and genetic factors linked to cleft will be used to help families...
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The Philippines holds a special place in the history – and future – of our organization. It was there that Dr. Bill Magee, a plastic surgeon, and his wife Kathy, a nurse and clinical social worker, were inspired to create Operation Smile after witnessing firsthand the dire need for life-changing cleft surgeries in 1982. Unable to provide surgery for so many children due to lack of resources,...
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Nine-year-old Eleanor is proof that anyone can make a difference in the world — at any age!

See how through her lemonade stand, Eleanor is changing other children’s lives: bit.ly/LemonadeForSmiles
On Women Physicians Day, we celebrate all of the female doctors, anesthesiologists and surgeons who have overcome significant obstacles on their journeys to becoming physicians! Hear from Dr. Gisèle Juru about her experience as one of Rwanda’s first female surgeons:

“Being the only female, it surprises everyone. Everyone discourages me. I have to work twice as hard, so that being a female...
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