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Did you know that newborns don't actually produce tears until they are between 4-13 weeks old?
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How much do you really know about the fascinating human eye? We've complied 9 facts aimed at giving you a little more insight into the world of your eyes.#FeedYourMind #EyeHealth #EyeFact

9 Things You Didn’t Know About The Human Eye

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Even though Chris Evans has had laser eye surgery he still likes to wear his glasses with clear lenses! It's amazing how glasses can become an integral part of someone's identity - what do your glasses say about you?
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Cuteness alert! Can you believe this little one has a prescription of +7.0?! Watch until the end to see his reaction to seeing his mum clearly for the first time!

Adorable video shows baby beaming as he sees mum's face clearly for the first time

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'Never bend your head. Hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye.' - Helen Keller
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Glasgow! On the job hunt? We have Customer Contact Centre opportunities available at our city centre office. ☎

Find out more and apply now: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Attention blogger followers! Have you seen our new blogger event video yet? Head over to our youtube channel to see what we got up to when we invited some VIP blogger guests to our Westfield, London clinic (and don't forget to subscribe!)

[ Youtube.com Link ]

Blogger Event ● Optical Express, Westfield London ● Jan 2017

Find out what Optical Express got up to when we opened our clinic doors to the blogger world, back in January. Our VIP guests met the Westfield clinic team a...

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Ryan Reynolds looking slick as ever in his Tom Ford glasses. We're loving his casual but stylish look. What do you think? ????
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Glasgow, we're hiring! Call centre positions available at our city centre head office. ☎

Find out more and apply now: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Virtual reality headsets are definitely on trend and now they're helping the elderly to visit hometowns and recover feelings from the past. (Make sure you watch it to the end! Hugs required please!)

We take our eyesight for granted - it's important to have regular eye tests (every 2 years) throughout your life to help you make the most of seeing your everyday world (or virtual world!). ...
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If you want to see the world from a different perspective on your next car journey, you need to invest in interactive car windows - just amazing!! #seethingsdifferently
Today's #DidYouKnow - why do your upper eyelids sometimes twitch? #FunFact #TheMoreYouKnow #FeedYourMind #EyeHealth #EyeFacts
Happy Valentine's Day!
This is our new favourite video - unbelievable eye-art! #itsawonderfulworld
TrustPilot - Sarah Ellis, 5*, 4 Jan 17
'I was petrified but the Optical Express team from the moment I walked through the door put me at ease. My surgeon Manik Patel was wonderful and also put me at ease. All in all I can’t fault the care I got and the experience they provided. Thanks all!'
There’s nothing worse than having to stop and wipe your glasses clean when it's pouring with rain.

What’s your biggest frustration with wearing glasses?
Did you know that Elton John has had corrective eye surgery but still likes to wear his glasses to keep alive his well known image?!
Check out this amazing baby scan! Did you know that by 26 weeks a baby's eyes are about as fully formed as they’ll get? They can sense light, open their eyelids and blink them when they're awake! #itsawonderfulworld
Happy Friday everyone! We've received a lovely message from one of our customers which we just had to re-post - 'Wanted to share this pic of my wee girl Rebecca! She got her very first pair of glasses today from the girls in your Kilwinning branch. They were so good with her and so attentive. Can't thank you enough. She is over the moon with her specs!'
'What we see depends mainly on what we look for' - John Lubbock