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03/26/2017 at 00:27. Facebook
Last day here on the "Land Down ONder" Tour with Steve Cook and Shaun Stafford Fitness.

In Sydney? We're playing beach cricket this afternoon at Bondi Beach- 2:15pm.
Bondi Pavilion.
Bring your own tucker!

Look out for #teamON
#landdownONder #optimumnutritionaustralia
Optimum Nutrition
03/25/2017 at 03:26. Facebook
Need some weekend gym motivation?

Watch Nick Cheadle Fitness and Shaun Stafford Fitness train before last weekend's Arnold Classic Australia.

Comment below what you thought of the workout for your chance to win a limited edition #GAINDAY tank.
#optimumnutritionau #teamON
Optimum Nutrition
03/24/2017 at 23:14. Facebook
We're grateful for the lack of salties (Saltwater Crocodiles) on the beach here in Darwin.
Thanks for the tropical weather NT!

Stay tuned to find out what happened when Steve Cook and Shaun Stafford Fitness took a trip to Crocosaurus Cove Darwin.

#landdownONder #optimumnutritionaustralia #onaustralia #teamON
Optimum Nutrition
03/24/2017 at 02:09. Facebook
We've been to South Australia and survived a 12 hour boat ride with Steve Cook and Shaun Stafford Fitness now we're braving the Northern Territory.

Stay tuned to our instagram account for a BIG announcement when we head to NSW this weekend.

#landdownONder #optimumnutritionau #optimumnutritionaustralia #onaustralia Neptune Islands South Australia

BIG thanks to Shark Cage Diving - Calypso...
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Big shout out to everyone who came down to check out our booth at the Arnold Classic Australia - comment below if you came by and said hi!

#ONarnoldAU17 #GAINDAYeveryday
Want to hear some of the things Steve Cook and Shaun Stafford may (or may not dependant on their bravery) be doing on their Land Down ON-der tour next week?

As suggested by you, the fans!
Can't make it to the Arnold Classic Australia this year?

#OptimumNutrition Australia have got you covered.
We'll be holding a LIVE Q&A with Shaun Stafford and Steve Cook TODAY!
At 2:30pm we'll go live on our facebook so you can ask those questions about training, being an athlete, competing at an international level and more! Can't make 2:30pm?

Leave your question below and we'll do our...
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Check out Day 1 of the Arnold Classic Australia for 2017!
Come down and see us at Booth #146 and hang with us, grab your freebies, and challenge our athletes on the BKOOL Velodrome Race.

See you there.!
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) 10am-6pm
@SteveCook will be on the @optimumnutrition.au booth again today (Saturday), from 11am until 1pm then 2pm until 4:30pm.. we'll also be running a live Q&A while we draw our "LAND DOWN ON-DER" activites and announce our winners! Can't make it to the @arnoldclassicau? Tune in to FACEBOOK LIVE for the Q&A and check out our SNAPCHAT (teamONaustralia).. #ONarnoldAU17
Come see the lads at booth #146! We're waiting for your donuts and timtams.
#nobribes #arnoldclassicau #optimumnutritionaustralia #onaustralia
Steve Cook is on his way- COME DOWN TO THE BOOTH NOW! Booth #146 at the Arnold Classic Australia

See you here!
Make sure YOU come down to the Optimum Nutrition booth #146 at the Arnold Classic Australia THIS weekend and check out our awesome BKOOL - English Velodrome race!

Ride against your mates, or challenge our #TeamON athletes to hit the track for your chance to WIN!
We'll be running spot prize races all weekend and EXCLUSIVE giveaways for ANYONE that beats Steve Cook or Shaun Stafford...
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You have 1 hour to follow us on snapchat to win a chance to train with #TeamON - you must be in Melbourne on Saturday morning!!!
Come train with us!!!!
Are you heading to the @arnoldclassicau this weekend?! Be sure to stop by and say hi to our Australian and New Zealand athletes and join in the fun.
@stevecook and @shaunstafford said no #timtams- we think they're not sure what country they are in! ????
#optimumnutritionaustralia #onaustralia #optimumnutrition #arnoldclassicau
As if we would forget to tell you guys Steve Cook was coming to the Arnold Classic Australia!!!
We're legit going to put him and Shaun Stafford Fitness through some of the crazy Aussie adventures you have suggested!

Don't forget to leave your ideas on our post- you could WIN an ON prize pack!

We've also got our #TeamONmalaysia athletes coming down under for the first time so be sure to...
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Want to win a chance to train with #TeamON this weekend in Melbourne?!

We'll be snapping the lucky winners and inviting them to an exclusive training session with Team ON athletes @nickcheadlefitness @kurtdell @lee_stram @jeremyallisonfitness @michaelroberts.co and special guest appearance from @stevecook @shaunstafford and other international teammates @kit_mah and...
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Steve Cook and Shaun Stafford Fitness are heading Down Under again NEXT WEEK- but this time we want to surprise them with a TRUE BLUE Aussie experience.

Would you like to see them in an Akubra hat and UGG boots singing Waltzing Matilda while eating a Vegemite Sandwich?
How about seeing them scale the Blue Mountains and abseil off the cliffs off Bondi?

Tell us what you want to see Steve...
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#teammatetuesday @optimumnutrition are proud to have our ladies step on stage at the #BikiniPRO show during the @arnoldclassicau this year!
Shout out to our ladies @carasaunderss and @sheenajayne_fitness today!
#TeamON #truestrength #optimumnutrition #onaustralia #optimumnutritionaustralia
#TBT to the @arnoldclassicau when @stevecook ate way too many #timtams (right Steve?)
We're back again this year at booth #146 - want to win a chance to train with TeamON?! Stay tuned!!!!!
#optimumnutrition #teamON #arnoldclassicAU #onaustralia
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