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The CIO’s changing role: from reactive to transformative [ Link ]
Oracle Hardware
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Carl Olofson, Research VP, Application Development and Deployment, IDC shares his view on where Oracle Exadata Database Machine fits in a company's digital transformation strategy: [ Link ]
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A DBA chooses change and sees a better future with less downtime and maintenance using Oracle Database Appliance: [ Link ]
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Are you considering to migrate from Linux to Oracle MiniCluster? Here are 4 steps to take into account for an easy process: [ Link ]

Migrating from Linux to Oracle MiniCluster
Here's a series of interviews with Chuck Hollis and Dave Vellante - each approaching the enterprise IT cloud challenge from different perspectives - that is not to be missed: [ Link ]

The Cloud Dialogues
Cloud roadmap: going hybrid in an era of uncertainty [ Link ]
Do you want to simplify private cloud management? Here are some tips from Oracle experts: [ Link ]
How Oracle MiniCluster marries two values that are often at odds with each other, delivery and stability, to help developers ship more reliable code and increase overall productivity: [ Link ]

Using Oracle MiniCluster to Adopt a DevOps Model
Happy #ValentinesDay from the Oracle Hardware team!
Oracle’s Chuck Hollis and Wikibon’s Dave Vellante will be holding a Q&A session, following each of our ‘Conquering Enterprise Cloud’ webinars. If you have any questions about today’s big enterprise cloud issues, here’s your chance to ask two experts: [ Link ]
CMA Small Systems confirms IFTS runs 3X better on the Oracle Database Appliance [ Link ]
10 reasons why modern DBAs need Oracle MiniCluster [ Link ]
Training Thursdays: Learn about popular container technology available in Oracle Linux [ Link ]
Here’s why Oracle Database Appliance is perfect for your private cloud environment and protects your investment for public cloud: [ Link ]
Oracle SPARC Platform Update: John Fowler discusses the strategy for SPARC and Solaris in Servers, Engineered Systems, and Cloud services: [ Link ]

Oracle SPARC Platform Update - Feb 2017

Hear about the Oracle SPARC platform update from John Fowler.

Businesses need to be increasingly responsive to fluctuations in circumstances. Here's how IaaS can help organization meet this challenge: [ Link ]

Give your Business a Warm Welcome with IaaS
John Fowler, EVP , Systems discusses the Oracle SPARC Platform Update [ Link ]
Meet Oracle’s 2016 CIO of the Year Award winners, who continue to push the boundaries of applied technologies and demonstrate the highest degree of technology leadership [ Link ]

Meet the Leaders: Oracle’s 2016 CIO of the Year Award Winners