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Learn how to take advantage of several powerful new or enhanced features of the PL/SQL language in Oracle Database 12c Release 2.
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PL/SQL: The Power of Cloud PL/SQL
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In Oracle Database 12c Release 2, create JSON documents directly from the database and search database-stored JSON documents for faster access.
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Performance: JSON in Motion
PL/Scope is a powerful code analysis tool for PL/SQL program units. With Oracle Database 12c Release 2, PL/Scope analysis includes the SQL statements inside your PL/SQL code base.

PL/SQL: Powerful Impact Analysis
Oracle Code is bringing modern cloud development to a city near you.

Personal Development: Oracle Code 2017
Yes, you can use both: Oracle JET APIs and Oracle Mobile Cloud Service SDKs.

Oracle Mobile Cloud Service: Too Much of a Good Thing?
Check out, like, and follow the new dedicated @OracleSPARC page for the latest on SPARC including product updates, executive videos, analyst news, and more…

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Oracle SPARC
A lifetime of algorithmic expertise earns you access to the best people--and the hardest problems.

Oracle Engineer Assembles Developer Dream Team
Siddhartha Agarwal, vice president of product management and strategy for Oracle Cloud Platform, talks about the cultural shifts, technologies, and common patterns he sees in cloud-native application design and development.

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Choose the experience--the frameworks, the languages, the tools, and more--for modern application development.

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Oracle Code answers the question "How much can you do with Oracle-supported development technology?" [ Link ]
Open For Developers! The January/February 2017 issue of Oracle Magazine is now available! [ Link ]
Learn from Oracle executives about what it means to lead a digital transformation, including what you need to know about the technology that can help your business evolve.

Five Ideas: Digital Transformation
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Oracle Magazine Nov/Dec 2016
Right now, you can learn more about creating your own path to the cloud by attending Oracle Cloud Day and Oracle CloudWorld events taking place around the world, throughout the fall and winter.

Special Report: Cloud Computing
Highlights from keynotes from Oracle executives including Larry Ellison, Mark Hurd, and Thomas Kurian—and learn how companies, from retail giants to jewelry insurance brokers, are using cloud technologies to understand their customers better.

Special Report: Oracle OpenWorld Wrap-Up
User-defined functions in Oracle Database 12c deliver tighter #PLSQL and SQL integration. [ Link ]

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The hardest part of digital transformation isn’t technology—it’s managing the business through change, says Oracle CEO Safra Catz. But when organizations embrace digital technology and navigate those changes, they not only meet customers’ needs better and empower employees, but do more while spendin...

Safra Catz on Digital Transformation | Oracle