Give the gift of a healthy smile this season with Oral B electric brushes – hurry to Woolworths, this special offer ends 13 December.
Give the gift of a healthy smile this season with Oral B electric brushes – hurry to Coles, this special offer ends 13 December.
Do you want to be a gifting genius this Christmas? The new Oral-B GENIUS electric toothbrush is the perfect gift – and with Position Detection Technology that acts like a GPS for your mouth, it sees where you have brushed, so you don’t miss a spot, making it a healthy gift too. GENIUS! #DentistLife
What’s in my suitcase when I travel? My Oral-B GENIUS brush is always first on my list! It comes with a clever travel case which charges my brush and a USB port to charge my smartphone. GENIUS! #DentistLife [ Link ]
Your little devils don’t have to have sugary lollies this Halloween. Why not try these healthy and fun alternatives to help protect their teeth and don’t forget to brush! #DentistLife
Who does ‘the list’ while brushing your teeth at night? Luckily there’s one thing you don’t have to worry about!
It’s getting colder and darker! Were you tempted to stay in your PJs this morning? Don’t forget to brush with Oral-B Pro-Health Advanced for stronger teeth and healthier gums, even on a doona day!
Winter is here, and with the change of every season, I like to remind my patients to change their toothbrush... and why not try a new toothpaste too?
When my patients ask me for a toothpaste that doesn't just prevent plaque but protects gums and enamel, I recommend Oral-B's new Pro Health Advanced: It combines 5 specialist toothpastes all in 1!
In celebration of the #QueensBirthday I've crowned myself Royal Rob. Give your smile the royal treatment with Oral-B Pro-Health Advanced - for healthy gums and strong teeth.
When a patient tells me they struggle with bad breath, I recommend Oral-B's Advanced Pro Health paste. It combines the power of 5 specialist toothpastes, for healthy gums and strong teeth from day 1!
How do you get your kids to brush for two minutes? Add some fun to their dental routine with a Disney-themed Oral-B Stages Power Brush!
Which do you find scarier: Me or the spider? 60% of Australians think it's me.
Keep dentophobia at bay with the new Pro-Health Advanced toothpaste!
Apparently 25% of us would rather sit on top a high building than face the dentist's drill! My tip is to use Oral-B Pro-Health to take the anxiety out of going to the dentist.
I always tell my patients: when mum smiles, the whole family smiles with her. This Mother's Day gift is Rob approved!
Hands up who will be visiting the dentist during school holidays? Don't forget to ask your dentist about the best brushing tips and products to keep your teeth in Pro Health shape.
A minute on the lips, a life-time on the hips? But what about your teeth? My tip is to make sure the Easter bunny leaves a tube of Oral-B Advanced Pro Health toothpaste - and all will be sweet!
I always tell my patients that a healthy smile can get you through tough times – even the end of summer! #helloautumn
Patients often ask which is the right toothpaste. Oral-B Pro-Health Advanced is like having the power of 5 specialist toothpastes in 1. That sounds about right to me!
Roses are red, Oral-B is blue! Pro-Health Advanced toothpaste – try it, it’s new!
For healthy gums, strong teeth and a perfect smile for your Valentine.