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Can't believe Mastodon was featured in the Wall Street Journal!

‘Emperor of Sand’ by Mastodon Review: When Heavy Metal Gets Lyrical
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Nearly everyone is familiar with the landmark guitar tones that helped define rock guitar in the 1970s, but here is a treasure trove of tone recipes that guitar aficionados have been secretly mining for decades.

10 Stellar '70s Guitar Tones You May Have Missed
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They have a song called "Chemicals for Breakfast" and they play Orange. What more do you need to know about Psyence?

Interview: Psyence’s Stephen & Jamie – Orange Amps
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Ian Grushka from New Found Glory with his #CrushBass100 Combo

For more about the Crush Bass Series of Combos visit [ Link ]
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After 30 years of Sepultura Andreas Kisser describes Orange tone as the "aura of the masters." in his interview with Orange Amps.

Interview: Sepultura’s Andreas Kisser – Orange Amps
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The Mighty Kelley Juett of Mothership with his #Rockerverb full stack!

Learn more about the Rockerverb MKIII Series at [ Link ]

Rockerverb Series – Orange Amps
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Orange Amplifiers
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#OrangeAdvertFriday featuring the Mighty Matt Pike of Sleep and Orange #PPC Cabs

See the full range of Orange PPC cabs at [ Link ]
Matt Murphy from The Wombats with his trusty #AD30 Twin Channel.

Learn more about our flagship "British Crunch" amp at [ Link ]
Congrats to Nick Norton from Honest Iago on winning this #MicroTerror in our #24HourContest!

"Oh man, just got home from tour with my band to find this baby waiting for me!

Seriously, it's gonna be a huge help. I have a living room recording setup so being able to go direct in from this instead of needing to mic my amp is going to make demoing music so much easier." - Nick
Jim Root of Slipknot uses the #TH30C for warming up on tour.

Learn more about the TH30 Combo at [ Link ]
Watch Orange Ambassador Djordje Stijepovic rock his stand-up bass through our #4Stroke500 bass amp!

Learn more about the 4 Stroke Series at [ Link ]

Tiger Army: “Firefall”

Watch Last Call with Carson Daly "Tiger Army: “Firefall”" highlight on

#24HourContest: Write a review of your experience with Orange Amps on our Facebook page. In 24 Hours one lucky reviewer will win a #Kongpressor Compression Pedal! And those don't come out until May! You'll be the first to receive it in May! #Whoa!

To learn more about the Kongpressor for guitar and bass visit [ Link ]
Attending SXSW? Come visit us at the CLIF Bar Bash! The stages will be full of Orange gear!
Mr. Danko Jones with his #OEdition Headphones

Learn more about Orange Headphones at [ Link ]
Kirk Windstein of Crowbar with his #CrushPro120 Analogue Solid State Head

For more about Crush Pro visit [ Link ]
A great list! You can always tell when a list is good if it contains lots of Orange :-)

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