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HIGHLY encourage you to check out Cult of Luna's album pre-order. Listen to their new tunes and let us know what you think!
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Retired Canadian astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield spent more than 160 days in space as the commander of Expedition 35 on the International Space Station. Luckily for him, however, he was able to bring his guitar to space. Amazingly, Hadfield even recorded an album while he was up there. The album, Spac...

Col. Chris Hadfield: What to Expect When Playing Guitar in Space
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#WishGranted Winner Amine Mongalgi from Tunisia with his New AD200B and OBC115 bass half stack!

"I Hope one day you will visit us here in sunny Tunisia so we can drink a few beers together and listen to some Sabbath!!!"
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Feel like we should just fire the marketing department and post this every 12 hours until eternity...
Like, for real, the riffs are REAL on this song. Orange tone all the way!


HARK's New Song "Son Of Pythagoras" Is Ten Tons Of Riffs - Metal Injection
Only one day left...

Tomorrow, the music video of our first single will be available... So get ready ;)


Plus qu'un jour à attendre...

Demain, le clip de notre premier single sera en ligne... Donc soyez prêts !

Notre premier album Hard Blues Shot est toujours disponible en précommande en suivant ce lien : [ Link ]
Matt Bike - High on Tire!
Looking for a new bass guitar? The Orange O Bass is a mid-priced guitar built for retro enthusiasts. It's full of earthy undertones but dig in and you'll find a massive amount of grind on tap!

For more visit [ Link ]

Review Demo - Orange O Bass

Read the review: Look behind some of the biggest-name bassists on the planet, and you’ll see a fair share of Orange amps. G...

Orange is proud to support veterans like Rick Tucker, owner of Raw Wood Studios. Rick offers vets the opportunity to record for free at his studio in California. Here he is with his Orange Crush Pro 120 Combo!
BLOG: We're teaching life lessons through Orange analogies.

Seven Lessons You Can Learn From Orange – Orange Amps
HILARIOUS: The real magic happens "in between the songs"

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