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This is so sweet! You can really feel the love here!

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Adorableness overload! PLEASE PRESS PLAY on OCPBR's available bachelor pup, Vinnie, with his favorite backyard toy!

More on Vinnie:
Hi, I’m Vincent! Need a partner in fun? Swoon-worthy Vincent would love to become part of your active family!

Vinnie is our 1 year old, handsome, playful, yet sensitive boy. He is super smart and active and does best, like all young dogs, with a healthy and...
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It's the world's first art exhibition for dogs, complete with smelly sock smells, a simulated car ride and more! Woof!

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Sometimes, you just need a hug.

For information on Lana, email adopt@ocpbr.org or fill out an application at
All dogs are incredible, but living with a Pit Bull really is special.

While they're incredibly popular, they also have an unearned reputation these days that puts them in danger. Here, check out and pass on 10 common myths about Pit Bulls by the founder of Pinups for Pitbulls, Inc. And check out their book: The Pit Bull Life!

#pitbullfamily #ocpbr

10 Myths About Pit Bulls Debunked

Sweet dreams from Lana, and her foster sister, CGC Bailey!

Home is where your Pit Bull is, and for Fentch and his dog Buddy, right now, that home is on the streets and deep in his heart.

Fentch and Buddy just lost everything when CalTrans came through and hauled their belongings away. Some amazing community members and rescue volunteers joined forces to help out. We were able to donate wet and dry Merrick dog food, doggie jackets, toys and a...
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Nap time! Hugs & kisses from Johnny and the entire OCPBR crew!

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How many times have we seen service men and women separated from the dogs that saved their lives?

Well, that's a thing of the past now. The President signs a bill mandating that every military dog be returned to U.S. soil after retirement. And their human handlers and families will be given first priority for adoption. This is a HUGE win for every military dog and veteran. Thanks,...
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President Signs Bill: All Military Dogs Will Return Home, No Exceptions

Sweet dreams from OCPBR Alum, Costello.

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“Hartley forgave humans for severe neglect... and reminds us to do the same every single day. She helps us be better humans.”

Wow, our very own rescue girl made it into PupJournal! Way to go, Hartley! Please read and share widely so this sweetheart can finally find her forever home.

More on Hartley:
Hi, I’m Hartley! I am a very special petite aka pocket Pittie girl who is about 2.5 years...
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Nearly Hairless Dog Abandoned In Field Is So Glad To Be Rescued, She Can't Stop Smiling

Melt away tension, strain, aches and pains: massages aren't just good for people.

Read about the benefits of massage for dogs and how it can help them stay calm and limber.

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Animals Need, Benefit From Massages, Too

Thank you to Kriser's Natural Pet, our volunteers, fosters, the community, those who donated to our shelter drive, and of course, our rescue dogs for the incredible event yesterday. We collected a truck bed full of fantastic items for the OC shelter dogs. Thank you so much Orange County!

#ocpbr #shelterdogs
When your dog can't get over how amazing his new dog toy is!

Happy Sunday!

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See you soon? Come on out to Newport Beach!

We are having our annual holiday adoption event and donation drive for OC Shelter animals at Kriser's Natural Pet, from 11am-3pm! Come donate some items! Here's what we're looking for:

Towels, blankets (fleece are preferred, but they use any that are not knitted), dog beds, dog treats, dog toys (including strong chew toys, rope toys, balls and...
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OCPBR Holiday Adoption & Donation Drive!

EVENT - facebook.com
Some times, dogs sleep in the weirdest positions! Turkey the Pit Bull: case in point.

#dogssleepweird #ocpbr
Happy National Mutt Day! Because rescue dogs are usually of unknown origin, we especially celebrate mixed breed dogs, like Mastiff Pit mix, Johnny, the Frog Prince!

And to honor them, we are having a donation drive for OC Shelter animals tomorrow at Kriser's Natural Pet, from 11am-3pm! Come donate some items! Here's what we're looking for:

Towels, blankets (fleece are preferred, but they...
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Happy National Mutt Day!!

Many dogs in the shelters and in communities that are labelled "Pit Bull" are mixed breed dogs that exhibit certain physical characteristics. And so essentially, they are discriminated against based on their looks! This is so wrong! (Discrimination for any reason is always wrong.)

Here State Farm—who has NO breed discrimination, helps bring us the story of Wallace...
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The Noble Journey of Two Pit Bulls and a K9 Ninja

We are deeply upset that the courts in Quebec will not hold off the city's Pit Bull ban until the appeal goes through the courts. The ban will now go into effect. Please read the article for all the details.

#ocpbr #endbsl #quebecpitbulls

Muzzle your pit bull: Appeal court lifts suspension of pit bull restrictions in Montreal

Mr. Bowie will be there: time for a belly rub! Come get some love and give some this Saturday, December 3rd from 11am-3pm at Kriser's Natural Pet.

We are collecting donations for OC shelter animals. Help us make their winter season warmer! We are collecting: Towels, blankets (fleece are preferred, but they use any that are not knitted), dog beds, dog treats, dog toys (including strong chew...
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