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It's both #WorldWaterDay and #InternationalDayoftheSeal, you say? Let us celebrate both, as the two complement one another so well!
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If bathtime for you meant hopping into the chilly, briny waters of the Northeast Pacific, you'd probably thrash around, too! (And then hop right out.)
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"They're always after me lucky charms! This time, I'm keeping the magical deliciousness all to me self."
Oregon Coast Aquarium
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The waving tube feet of this red urchin assist in everything from foraging and locomotion to respiration, waste elimination and sensory input: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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What do basketball shoes and California spiny lobsters have in common? Both of them squeak via the same "stick-slip" phenomenon: [ Nyti.ms Link ] (Photo courtesy of NOAA)
Oregon Coast Aquarium
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It's the #FirstDayofSpring but you wouldn't know it from the weather today on the coast. Perhaps from now on we'll call these spring showers instead of winter drizzle?
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Three young Oregon Coast Aquarium volunteers climbed our coastal headlands in the hopes of spotting gray whales. Here are the programs and resources they suggest to help you if you go whale watching this spring! [ Ow.ly Link ]
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You otter wear green on #SaintPatricksDay...otherwise all your frozen crab cakes might get pinched!
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Many animals sport green hues (and not just on #SaintPatricksDay), but did you know that much of the green coloration of these anemones comes from symbiotic organisms in their tissues? Learn more about the mutualistic relationship here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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"Oh, me? I'm just sitting here looking cute. That's all. I'm definitely not up to any mischief or anything like that...Why do you ask?"
Oregon Coast Aquarium
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You know spring's arrived to the Oregon coast when rufous hummingbirds are back from Central America, just in time for the blooming red-flowered currant (Ribes sanguineum).
One of our Educators, Lori Quay, is featured in this fun video by FOX 12 Oregon that was shot last Sunday. The timing, weather-wise, was impeccable--we've had nothing but rain since! [ Bit.ly Link ].

History behind Newport's Oregon Coast Aquarium

"Ooo, presents!" Learn how Enrichment Day on March 28 is a treat for our animals and guests alike: [ Bit.ly Link ]
As gray whales slowly begin their northern migration, thousands of people will flock to the Oregon coast to catch a glimpse of them (and maybe their calves, as well). Visit the Oceanscape Network to learn about our local Whale Watching Spoken Here program or download free resources to help you spot whales this spring. [ Ow.ly Link ]
Happy #NationalNappingDay! Naps are important, wherever and whenever you prefer to take them. Catch a few winks today!
ICYMI: The spawning run of Pacific herring in nearby Yaquina Bay appears to have quieted down, but now a different suite of predators--ducks, fish, invertebrates--join the feast, gorging on the abundance of herring eggs adhering to algae and rocks: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Decimated by illegal fishing practices, the #vaquita faces extinction. Learn more about this tiny porpoise and how changing your seafood buying habits can help it and other threatened species. #MonthoftheVaquita [ Ow.ly Link ]
Don't let the hullabaloo of life deprive you of that #FridayFeeling. You deserve it, by golly.
The Oregon Coast Aquarium’s #OceanscapeNetwork is working with our friends at WhaleTimes, Inc. to raise awareness about the vaquita, the world’s smallest and most endangered porpoise. Throughout the month of March, we’ll be providing classroom curriculum, videos, fact sheets, interviews with experts and much more on this marine mammal and other endangered species -- and tips on how you can...
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"Doing OtterAerobics©®™ in the pool every day keeps us fit, agile and mentally sharp!" -Schuster and Oswald (Disclaimer: These are real otters, not paid actors.)