Coming next month: A lecture from the accomplished Maya Lin, who will speak on the intersection of art and architecture.

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Provost's Lecture Series with Maya Lin

Oregon State University
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Oregon State researchers have discovered one of the reasons why broccoli can help prevent prostate cancer.

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Eat your vegetables: Dietary anti-cancer compound may work by influence on cellular genetics
More than 1,800 students were treated last week as work continues to encourage vaccinations for the 7,000 Corvallis students considered at highest risk for type B meningococcal disease.

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Mass vaccination clinics a success, work continues with Oregon State meningococcal program
Exposure to flame-retardant chemicals may affect social behavior in young children. See the full story here:

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The Corvallis campus has been designated “outbreak” status for meningitis by federal, state and county public health officials. It is recommended that ALL undergraduate students 25 or younger receive vaccination. More information, including insurance coverage information » [ Link ]

Vaccination clinics to treat Meningitis outbreak set up on Corvallis campus
Attend Thursday's open forum to learn about the 2017-2018 tuition rate proposals. There will be time for questions and an opportunity to provide feedback.

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So this is a thing: Oregon State research shows that a healthy sex life can give you an advantage at work.

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Maintaining an active sex life may lead to improved job satisfaction, engagement in work
A glimpse into the past. (1931 and present)
Oregon State expert says there's about a 22 percent chance of a magnitude 8 or higher earthquake in the next 50 years.

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Oregon bill seeks to disclose seismic risks of buildings
Happy Birthday to the only person awarded TWO unshared Nobel Prizes (Chemistry 1954, Peace 1962), alumnus Linus Pauling.
Austin Hall just showing off.
Meoowww. Oregon State researchers make a case for how cats could save lives — and possibly be more skilled than dogs. Woof!

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Oregon State Research: Here's Why Cats Might Make Skilled Search and Rescue Animals
It's Whale Week! Check out this on Oregon State scientist Leigh Torres, who observes whales from the air and studies their for clues on their overall health. Yes, we said .
When Mas Subramanian's chemistry lab discovered a now-famous shade of blue, he wasn't anticipating to find anything that would garner the attention of the fine arts community.

Take a moment to learn about the opportunity students had to work with this rare hue on the campus it was discovered.
Benny was in Bangkok, Thailand last month to meet with alumni and take in some incredible sights. Take a look!
Here's the full story behind Cassie, the ahead-of-its-time robot the world is talking about.
Meet Cassie, a world-leading innovation and newest robot from the College of Engineering's spin-off business, Agility Robotics. Story » [ Link ].
Here's a cool feature on the artwork in our very own Learning Innovation Center!