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01/19/2017 at 17:38. Facebook
Time to go retro, Members. Populous 1 & 2, Dungeon Keeper 1 & 2, and the Wing Commander series have joined the Origin Access Vault.

Epic retro titles join Origin Access!

Origin Insider
01/18/2017 at 20:01. Facebook
Playing retro games on your PC? Treat yourself to the best controllers for the task.

The Best Controllers for Retro Gaming

Battlefield 1 at 12K resolution...on a laptop??! Where do we sign up!

Razer built a three-screen laptop...

Say hello to The Illusive Man for free. Mass Effect 2 is On the House.

Mass Effect 2 - On the House

That's only 75 days away! This is gonna be good.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Coming March 21, 2017

20 years of Diablo? Seems just like yesterday we were taking our first adventure to destroy the Dark Lord. What's your favorite Diablo memory?

Celebrating 20 Years of Diablo!

Check out this awesome in-game event coming to Diablo 3 to celebrate!

Sick of 2016 like us? Drop a Titan on it. Get Titanfall 2 at 50% off to finish off this year right: [ Bit.ly Link ]
One of the best parts of PC gaming? The Holiday game sales, of course! Chop off up to 65% on games in the Origin Holiday Sale: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Don’t get dud games for Christmas – be sure and share your Origin wishlist with someone! What games are on your list?

Learn more about wishlists: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Prepare to head to the trenches. Check out this awesome sneak peek at They Shall Not Pass, the upcoming expansion for Battlefield 1.

They Shall Not Pass: A Glimpse of the First Battlefield 1 Expansion

"The Force is strong with this one."

Star Wars Battlefront is now in the Origin Access Vault. Go and play, it is your destiny.

Star Wars Battlefront has joined the Origin Access Vault

HE'S (literally) ON FIRE! See how accurate NBA Jam really is. (NSFW: Language)

NBA Jam in Real Life

Has there been a better time to be a coaster enthusiast and a PC gamer?

30 Real World Coasters in recreated in 'Planet Coaster'

It’s December, and Christmas is around the corner. What’s in your Origin wishlist for the Holidays?

Learn more about wishlifts & gifting on Origin: [ Bit.ly Link ]
We call dibs on Scorch! Try Titanfall 2 Multiplayer for free, Origin Access Members get in first starting on November 30. Details: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Love flying in Battlefield 1? So does Norm from Tested. Watch Episode 1 of TEAM PC to see what it's like in a real biplane!