Already feeling the Sunday blues? You’ve got 86,400 seconds left to do something about it and #packmorein to your weekend!

What will you do with the time? Tell us to win a lovely bottle of our good stuff.

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01/20/2017 at 15:38. Facebook
We’ve packed 7,927 mint leaves in to every bottle. Are you up for packing more in this year? Follow us to find out how!

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What will you be packing more of into 2017? #packmorein
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Still wading through Christmas Chocolates?

Wash away your sins with our Super Green shower. We’ve packed more in to this one including 1 avocado, a handful of kale, 4 green tea bags and a sprig of mint #JustforFun
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#PackMoreIn to your week with our infamous zesty friend, you know it makes sense
Listen here you source-y bunch, are you ready to #packmorein to 2017?!

We’ve got something to tell you about soon! Keep your eyes and ears open :)
Who wants to make 2017 the year they #PackMoreIn?!

Share your New Year’s resolutions below using only emojis for a chance to #win a New Year tingle to set you off (that means a brand spanking bottle of the good stuff!)

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Happy New Year!

Although we love you the way you are, post the emoji that best describes your New Year resolution below for a chance to #win a bottle of the minty stuff

Happy Christmas from Original Source!
On the hunt for a ‘source-y’ stocking filler?

Our Mint & Tea Tree mini will be sure to ring your tingle bells this Christmas…
One week until the big day…

We’re relaxing with a vegan feast of 1 Christmas pud, 3 mince pies and a glass of fizz! #JustForFun #ChristmasTreats
It’s Christmas Jumper Day! Even our shower gels have dressed up for the occasion…
Tingle, you will…

The tingle is strong with this #RogueOne…
One more day until the crinkle of foil can be heard echoing through your house, we all love an advent calendar choccy!

We know something we would like a bit more though…guess which doors we’ve hidden a bottle of the good stuff behind to #WIN!

It’s that time again, #SundayPunday!

Comment below your best fruity puns for your chance to win a bunch of OS treats!
#BlackFriday, we meet again!

Hands up who would rather have a nice hot shower…and then a quick browse online instead

#BargainHunter #ShowerPower
Happy World Kindness Day! It’s nice to be nice kids and on that note – comment below why you and a friend deserve an Original Source shower treat…
In need of a warm winter hug? Throw in 4 gingerbread men, 3 spoons of cinnamon and 6 spiced pears #SpicedShower #JustForFun