Orlando Magic
Orlando Magic
04/21/2017 at 13:00. Facebook
Watch the exclusive world premiere of FAST AND THE FURRIEST now!
Alex Russo
Brandon Gilbert
Jason Lee Kennison
Orlando Magic
Orlando Magic
04/20/2017 at 18:00. Facebook
Gonna keep watching this one...
Jorge Ortiz
Justin Walker
Ruben Garzon
Orlando Magic
Orlando Magic
04/20/2017 at 14:00. Facebook
Introducing the cast of The Fast and the Furriest.
Marielle Bozza
Baron Burton
Gerard Thomas
Get ready! Rev up those engines!

Watch the Fast and the Furriest teaser now.
Full feature coming this Friday, April 21st to an Orlando Magic Facebook page near you!
Curt Carmichael
Marielle Bozza
Jason Breitfeller
Chris Williams
Bernard Randy Marsh Bozic
James Feather
Thank you Fans Memories: As a part of Fan Appreciation week, we sent two fans on the road with the team to get a once in a lifetime experience!

Orlando Magic
Rob Wright
David Monroe
To close out the season the Orlando Magic staff and players joined forces with Do Good. Live Well. to assemble over 12,000 food packs to help combat childhood hunger in Orlando.

Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida
David Kyle Thompson
Ellis Jones
Join us in wishing C.J. Watson a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Lisa Berry
Joe Robinson
Judith Vickery
In honor of National ASL day this past weekend we have a special message from STUFF to you.

Chris Manno
Yomayra Padilla
Marinha Johanna
Happy Easter #PureMagic
Happy Easter PureMagic
Keyshawn Brown
Maria Gomez
Deb Swimmer
Thank You Fan Memories: Congratulations to Jacob; winner of our Orlando Magic fan cave makeover.

Gabe Maldonado
Perry Bunch Jr.
Curt Carmichael
Thank You Fan Memories: STUFF's Dropped Call with DMC and Magic Man. #SixthMan
Nick Bishop
Bree Mandie Benoit
Peter Broughton
To the best fans ever: Thank you...for being PURE MAGIC.
Joseph Michael Richard
Travis Harrison
Eli Walton
Jeffrey Todd Begley Jr.
Garrett Heiskell
Rishi Maloo
Press Conference: Magic Dismiss Rob Hennigan as GM
Bryan Dillon
Samuel Vazquez
Mohammad Hussein
The Magic have dismissed Rob Hennigan as General Manager
The Magic have dismissed Rob Hennigan as General Manager

Magic Dismiss Rob Hennigan as General Manager | Orlando Magic

Alternative-Brad Trenery
Kevin Waldbieser
Mike Fleming
Ending the season with a W! Special nod to AG who took ✈ quite a few times last night.

Grant Bradley
Michael Morris
Javier Agudelo
Inside the Magic Locker Room After the Win! ✊
Anthony Fetterly
John Klockowski
Abiodun Hill Jr.
Aaron Gordon erupted for 32 points and 12 rebounds as the Magic closed out their season with a win!
Aaron Gordon erupted for 32 points and 12 rebounds as the Magic
John Lindsey
Joel Rivera
Elliott Strowbridge
Clear the runway for Air Gordon!
Mychal Sibert
Doug Andrade
Michael Clark