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4 more plays to go and 1 more day until Penny is inducted into the Magic Hall Of Fame!
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Glad to be back home after a long road trip #WinFromWithin
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Drove around Orlando with Double AG last week!

We sang a few songs, car-danced a little, and asked him about his possible return to the Dunk Contest....
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The Magic return home from their six-game road trip to face the Bucks on Friday.
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Aaron Gordon goes ⬆ and throws it ⬇!
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Tonight lines up like this in New Orleans
Looking to improve our road record tonight vs. the Pelicans!

Tune In!

: @FOXSportsFL
: Magic at New Orleans
: 8:00 PM
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Vooch is on fire ! Can he keep it going tonight??
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Magic Tip-Off with Aaron Berlin and Trish Wingerson
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Lost Files: How much was a Penny worth? (a lot)
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This week we will relive some of our favorite Penny memories!

Here's 10 & 9 on our Top 10 Plays list!
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Congrats to Nikola Vucevic, who moved into 10th place on the Magic's all-time scoring list.
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The Magic now head to New Orleans to face the Pelicans on Wednesday for the final contest of this six-game road trip.
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It's best to stay out of Bismack Biyombo's way.
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