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01/17/2017 at 14:35. Facebook
Hello 2017!!! Happy New Year.
Was 2016 a bad as everyone says it was? What are the highlights of your 2016?
Weaves are a great protective style. Just ensure your don't braid your hair to tight and leave it in for too long.
Some of our favourite weaves of 2016. We clearly have a thing for curly hair.
Merry Christmas from the ORS team
There is no need to avoid the beach just because you have natural hair. Saturate your hair with fresh water, apply a leave in conditioner and then twist your hair up in some thick braids and enjoy your swim.The braids ensure that your hair won’t shrink too much when dry and saturating your hair with water prevents your hair from absorbing too much sea water. #HolidayHair
Braids, less fuss and easy on your wallet. #HolidayHair
There is no need to avoid the beach just because you have natural hair.Soak and seal your curls.For best results apply leave-in conditioner on damp hair to avoid the salt water from damaging your hair.#SaltWaterTips
Spend more time enjoying your holiday and less time worrying about your hair.#HolidayHair
Summer fun often comes with some humidity especially if you are going down to the coast. Seal your hair with moisture and then twist it up to avoid the humidity making it frizz.#HolidayHair
Find your little piece of peace in travelling smart. #HolidayHair
This year hasn’t been short of drama, ORS pays an Ode to celebrities who abandoned the long hair and hair extensions for cheeky short trendy hairstyles in 2016. #hairstyleOde
Chlorine will dry out your natural hair. The trick to minimize this is to get your hair wet before you swim, then your hair won’t absorb more water.
Refresh your curls at the beach. #SummerHair
What is your ultimate December hairstyle?
A little bit of the Curls Unleashed Leave-In Conditioner on your curls helps keep those curls or afro in check this summer #UnleashTheBeauifulPossibilities
If you want to get some great curl definition, then try a flat twist out. Here is a step by step tutorial using the Curls Unleashed Curl Boosting Jelly. #UnleashTheBeautifulPossibilities
Dipped in chocolate, bronzed in elegance, enamelled with grace, toasted with beauty. Yosef A.A. Ben-Jochannan #Naturalhairpride
Ke December Boss #HolidayHair