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Philadelphia find casts new light on Oscar’s guilt over Isola’s early death 150 years ago this month, which plagued him and influenced his writing

Oscar Wilde and the sister’s death that haunted his life and work

Oscar Wilde
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Today is the 122nd anniversary of the first opening of Oscar Wilde's "The Importance of Being Earnest".
Oscar Wilde
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"The Ballad of Reading Gaol" was published 119 years ago on this day in 1898.
Oscar Wilde
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Three days later, the actress will learn if she has won an Academy Award for her nuanced performance in 'Loving.'

Ruth Negga to Be Honored at the Oscar Wilde Awards (Exclusive)

Oscar Wilde
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"A poet can survive everything but a misprint."
― Oscar Wilde

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Famed Irish playwright Oscar Wilde, along with 75,000 other gay men convicted under an abolished sex offences law, has been pardoned by the Queen.

Legendary Irishman Oscar Wilde among thousands of gay men pardoned by new Turing’s Law

Deft direction made the 1925 silent film adaptation of the Oscar Wilde comedy a delight for the eyes, if not the ears

Flashback: Lady Windermere’s Fan – Ernst Lubitsch’s 1925 adaptation of Oscar Wilde comedy

There is a thrilling majesty to Oscar Wilde’s tormented tour de force written as he prepared for release from Reading jail

The 100 best nonfiction books: No 52 – De Profundis by Oscar Wilde (1905)

Star Trek actor Zachary Quinto is to be honoured by J.J. Abrams at the Oscar Wilde Awards next month (Feb17).

Zachary Quinto to be feted by J.J. Abrams at Oscar Wilde Awards

"We caught the tread of dancing feet,
We loitered down the moonlit street,
And stopped beneath the harlot's house."
--from "The Harlot's House" by Oscar Wilde
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"In this sumptuous and perceptive biography, Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wilde emerges yet again as a 'natural imposter,' espousing 'art for art's sake' in the 1890s, successful playwright and novelist, bristling with wit, assaulting conventional Victorian proprieties, celebrating the Greek body over the Christian soul, a pagan hedonism over Christian duty, reveling in paradoxes and upended turns...
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Book review: A richly detailed look at Oscar Wilde

The Wilde Festival honours the playwright’s fight for queer rights

How one Toronto festival is bringing the spirit of Oscar Wilde back to the stage

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The Strange Secret Behind the Tragic Deaths of Oscar Wilde’s Half-Sisters

Theatre Lab’s production of Salome, directed by Anastasia Revi, is a spellbinding, visual spectacle that evokes the soul of its writer, Oscar Wilde.

Oscar Wilde's Salome will play at the beautifully restored Hoxton Hall

Oscar Wilde’s Salome: fine in the sexy salsa and tango, but limitations obvious in fast tests of footwork. No waltzer, either.

(Photo: Alla Nazimova in ‘Salomé‘ (1923)

Austen’s Darcy or Flaubert’s Emma – who would win a literary Strictly?

Antiques, custom furnishings and what the owners say will be the longest bar in New York City fill a space honoring the Irish playwright.

Ambiance for a Victorian Spirit at a Bar Called Oscar Wilde

TODAY: Sat. Dec. 17 at 1pm on 90.5 FM WKAR Radio. Richard Strauss’s revolutionary score and scandalous Oscar Wilde–inspired drama took the world by storm at its premiere and continues to wow audiences today.

Salome | Metropolitan Opera

Key to cell at Reading Gaol – scene of author’s ballad – auctioned at Sotheby’s in London

Original key to Oscar Wilde’s prison cell sells for £15,000

Detail from the portrait of Oscar Wilde at the age of 27 by Robert Goodloe Harper Pennington.

Oscar Wilde portrait to have first UK exhibition