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Osric Chau
yesterday at 05:31. Facebook
Dinner with friends.

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Osric Chau
yesterday at 03:33. Facebook
Couldn't get my stream to work for #DirkGently tonight so here I sit in the hotel. Hope everyone else is enjoying the episode!
Back to #SPNsf I go.

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You gotta be kitten me. Too cute.

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Guess who's coming back to a TV and/or Netflix near you next year?? :D
A big huzzah to @realmarksheppard from table 8!
I don't know why my face is doing that

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When your cat won't stop making out with you and you can't get anything done

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The #SwedishFishTheory works! I wanted to thank my friend Chris for picking me up at the airport. Thankfully I had some Swedish Fish Candy for him! #ad
Good morning kitten, it's another big day and an even bigger world out there for you to explore.

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I've never had more people mistaking me for @robenedict than tonight.
With @mattcohen4real @alainahuffman

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Hi Lisbon, you are very pretty.

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Photoshoot with @dianalragland, pics to come!
Stylist: IGYesenia_Style
Hair/makeup: Nikki Deroest
Everything else: @MikeyLiotta

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If you missed Episode 2 of Dirk Gently on Saturday, you can watch it here!
Ginger totally loves me
Dino here is now officially a member of the household! And such a soft member he is.

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I'm not the hero you need, I'm the hero crouching at the top of a staircase.
For those of you who are ready:
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It's #internationalslothday
If we don't do something about their natural habitat soon we're gonna have to send more of them into space. This one is happy for the experience but he still prefers the rainforest.
Guys.. I just saw the first episode of @dirkgentlybbca and it is REALLY good!!!!!

Watch with me this Saturday at 9/8c on @bbcamerica!