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This is alarming! “The honest truth is nobody knows 100 percent why there is an increase,” says one doctor.

Colon, rectal cancer rise sharply in young people but are less likely to be diagnosed

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Get out and enjoy the outdoors as we officially begin spring! Hike, bike, or take a walk in the neighborhood.
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Honest about her own diagnosis & addiction, she’s become a mental health advocate for others. Thank you Demi Lovato!

How Demi Lovato Is Using Her Voice To Elevate Mental Health

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See how Children's Hospital Los Angeles used a 3D printed model to make an infant’s heart operation smoother and easier.

How 3-D printing saved a baby’s life

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! From avocados to kiwi to brussel sprouts, many green foods are super healthy. What’s your favorite?
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Fruit is good for you. But can you have too much of a good thing? This study shows 20 fruit servings a day is still healthy!

Can You Eat Too Much Fruit? | NutritionFacts.org

Stewie, the Australian shepherd, is part of a group of dogs trained by Dina Zaphiris and the In Situ Foundation to detect cancer. Read more:

[ Chicoer.com Link ]

Chico canines sniff out cancer

It’s Brain Awareness Week! Stay sharp and exercise your mind with any activity or hobby that’s challenging or exciting to you. And follow these tips to keep your brain healthy:
March is Athletic Training Month. Like and share to give thanks to those who help keep our bodies moving well, even through strenuous sports.
The investment is part of Sutter Health's plan to fight homelessness: “Getting to Zero.”

Sutter Health commits up to $20 million to fund 'Housing First' for homeless - Sacramento Business Journal

Organizations are responding to the growing research on elder loneliness and how it affects their physical and mental health.

As we age, we still need friends

“With no cure in sight, diagnoses among U.S. Latinos are expected to increase more than eightfold by 2060.”

Alzheimer’s Looms Large For Latinos

Tips to keep your kidneys healthy this World Kidney Day:
✔Keep hydrated
✔Eat healthy
✔Quit smoking
Trying to lower your cholesterol by cutting out red meat? It may not be that easy.

White Meat May Be as Cholesterol-Raising as Red | NutritionFacts.org

There are over 165,000 health and fitness apps in the Apple Store. Some can be helpful. Others not so much.

Beware of that health app

Long-term studies show that mental health episodes are very common and they’re something that most people experience at least once in their lifetime: [ Sciof.us Link ]
Children's Hospital of Orange County and & University of California, Irvine Medical Center are now offering specialized medical services for transgender children.

Transgender children now have access to specialized care at 2 Orange County hospitals

The Center for Ecoliteracy in Berkeley and other programs have transformed California school lunches to be more healthy and sustainable.

From sloppy joes to salad bar

Migraines are the reason for 1.2 million emergency room visits in the U.S. per year. If you get migraines, you may need a boost in nutrients like magnesium & riboflavin. These foods can help:

40 Foods That Fight Migraines