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As the country becomes more racially & ethnically diverse, the national health care system looks to California for inspiration. We’ve been a majority-minority state since 2000.

Health Care Adjusts to a More Diverse America

Our Health California
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Whether commuting or for exercise, biking is always a healthy way to get around. So despite the rain, keep it up! Check out the latest biking trends: [ Lat.ms Link ]
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Like and share to honor these African American health heroes for Black History Month. Know of others? Tell us about them in the comments.

Five African American medical heroes you should know about

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Overwhelmed with all the choices at the grocery store? Doctors at St. Joseph Hoag Health could go shopping with you!

Why your doctor might start grocery shopping with you

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American Heart Month health tip: Eat lots of colorful fruits and vegetables!
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This story demonstrates how important it is to know your family’s heart health history.

I Was Thin, Fit—and Had a Heart Attack at 28

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“You save my life every day.” Read the heartfelt stories of California blood donors and their grateful recipients:

The voices of heroes and those they’ve helped

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Keep walking! Great tips to get you walking more for a healthier lifestyle:

The 30-Day Challenge: Simply walking brings lots of health benefits

It’s also Donor Day! Share the love for life: Register to be an organ donor with Donate Life California.
Happy Valentine’s Day! Share one of these with your Valentine -- and remember to love your heart by eating fruits and vegetables!
All this dreary and wet weather lately getting you down? Help beat the winter blues with these tips:

Hello, sunshine: Tips for beating the winter blues

Here’s a mindfulness tip from UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center: First, S.T.O.P. Slow down. Take a breath. Observe your surroundings, before Proceeding.

5 mental tricks to help you manage stress and be more 'mindful' in 2017

Volunteers help create a supportive & positive hospital experience for patients. Learn what it takes to be one yourself:

Get started as a hospital volunteer

390 Californians under 55 died from Type II diabetes 2015. Only 24 did in 1999.

Diabetes deaths exploding in California’s under-55 population

Going hiking this weekend? Here’s a heart-healthy trail mix idea!
Something sweet could be dark chocolate covered coffee beans, dark chocolate chips, candied ginger, dried cranberries or other dried fruit. Enjoy!
Fresh Hass avocados have officially joined the ranks of other fruits and vegetables as a heart-healthy food!

FDA approves heart health claim for fresh Hass avocados | Village News

It’s Burn Awareness Week! Become burn aware: Get fire, electrical, and kitchen safety tips to keep you and your family safe. [ Shrinershospitalsforchildren.org Link ]
“Brain food is real and it really does matter,” says UC Davis nutritionist Liz Applegate. Read her advice and what foods can help improve brain health:

Brain food: What to eat – at any age – to fend off Alzheimer’s and dementia

If you haven’t gotten a flu shot yet, help protect the whole community -- get one today at a local pharmacy or health clinic!

This year’s flu is particularly severe, and it’s quickly spreading all over California

Nearsightedness is becoming more common. Getting outside or opening up the curtains could help improve our eyes! Read more: [ Nytimes.com Link ]