Our Lady Peace
02/26/2017 at 00:07. Facebook
1997 'Clumsy' tour poster. #Clumsy20
Our Lady Peace
02/24/2017 at 22:50. Facebook
"All For You" live during the 'Fear of the Trailer Park Tour' in 2003. #fbf
Our Lady Peace
02/23/2017 at 23:48. Facebook
'Happiness... Is Not a Fish That You Can Catch' press shot. #tbt
Happy Birthday Raine!
Which album are you kicking off the weekend with?
Raine & Steve performing "Clumsy" live on Hartford Radio in 2009. #tbt
"All we are is all so far." #Valentines
Do you still have any of our albums on cassette?
"Starseed" live in 2009. #fbf
What songs are on your dream setlist?
"Starseed" live at House of Blues Cleveland in 2009. #fbf
"Automatic Flowers" live during 'An Evening With Our Lady Peace' in 2010. #tbt
Anyone else have a tattoo from this album? #Clumsy20
Happy Birthday Duncan!
"Carnival" live at Woodstock 1999. #fbf
"Angels/Losing/Sleep" live in 2005. #tbt
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"Rabbits" live at Wingstock: Where Music and Chicken Meat 2012 in Grand Rapids, MI. #fbf
2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. #tbt