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Our Pack, Inc.
yesterday at 18:44. Facebook
Happy Friday.
Our Pack, Inc.
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Our Pack, Inc.
12/08/2016 at 02:23. Facebook
Tater and Mr. Big makin' friends.
Our Pack, Inc.
12/07/2016 at 16:38. Facebook
We have a few medical cases in our program at this time. One is Mr. Big. He's got a pretty nasty case of Demodex. His rear is pretty red and puffy. We'll keep you posted on his progress. He's a super jolly, playful guy though. More photos to come.
Our Pack, Inc.
12/06/2016 at 17:03. Facebook
Our Foster Home Coordinator, Kitty Stone, has been working tirelessly (literally) taking dogs from our local shelter, fostering them through medical conditions, finding fosters, and then finding awesome homes for many of them as well. The dogs are lucky to have her! Willow, on the right is the girl we told you about that has Laryngeal Paralysis making breathing difficult when playing or...
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Our Pack, Inc.
12/05/2016 at 17:59. Facebook
Our man Tater is still available for adoption. He had a date with a potential forever home but it wasn't a match. Nothing bad, just not a fit. If you've ever done online dating, you know what we're saying! ;) Check him out at
Our Pack, Inc.
12/03/2016 at 02:16. Facebook
All is well and goodnight...
What we're all about.
It's still Giving Tuesday!
An update on Willow, our girl we took from our local shelter that couldn't breathe very well due to Laryngeal Paralysis. Per our partner vets, she will need surgery to fix this issue. Your support and donations will also help Willow and dogs just like her. Thank you for your love and support. We can never do our work without you. <3 Willow seen here with Dr. Heusi, at Porte Vet, who has been awesome with her. To donate go to [ Facebook.com Link ]
We told you about Willow (right), the little girl we took from our local shelter with a Laryngeal Paralysis. this can be a long term issue and may require surgery. She's resting comfortably now though after being treated by our partner vet, with her foster brother Benjamin. We'll keep you posted on how she does.
Remember Our Pack, Inc. tomorrow for Giving Tuesday with Silicon Valley Gives. We've been providing spay/neuters for homeless dogs through HomeFirst, the first homeless shelter to accept dogs. And stay tuned to hear about some of our medical cases and wonderful success stories. We love helping dogs AND their people! #GivingTuesday
We're so happy that Our Pack's Roxie has left the life she had and is beginning her new life. <3 Congrats to all!
Our Pack took in a sweet girl from out local shelter. Our partner vets think she has Laryngeal Paralysis. This is where the larynx becomes paralyzed, making it difficult to breathe. She was squeaking from trying so hard to breathe when we met her. We immediately got her to our vet, she was given steroids and a sedative and is doing much better. Thank you, Porte Veterinary Hospital for taking...
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Roxie came to us from an abuse case, Hence the line around her muzzle. She recovered with Our Pack and now has found her forever home! We are so happy for this girl. Her new life begins now! Sleep well, little one.
We have another adoption in the works, Tater. More on him later. And Giving Tuesday with Silicon Valley Gives is coming up. Please stay tuned to hear about Our Pack's work in the...
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The Our Pack Sunday class is on for tomorrow on this Thanksgiving Day holiday weekend. It's not suppose to rain but if it does we'll be there anyway. In the meantime, do what Kylie is doing - sleep well! She's available for adoption at
Kylie, left, is available for adoption at
Meanwhile, she's waiting for some turkey in her foster home with her foster brother, Charlie.
Happy Wednesday (well, Friday, sorta) from Tater!
He has a date with a potential forever. Let's wish them both luck.