If ever there were a good example about the need to wear a PFD and attach a tether to your boat's kill switch, this is it!
Here's some advice for hardware anglers who drive their vehicles onto frozen lakes. (And it's great to hear how the driver of the front end loader that went through the ice in a recent incident on Lake of the Woods managed to survive.)

Roll down your windows, undo your seatbelt and other advice for driving on ice

In previous editions of Outdoor Canada, adventurer Jim Baird has written about epic solo canoe fishing expeditions and shared some excellent paddling tips along the way. In this video recap of a recent adventure walking across the Ungava Peninsula with his dog, Buck, Baird has to chisel through seven feet of ice to try and catch some fish. Talk about an amazing adventure and a tough bite!

Discovery Daily Planet Spot

Jim Baird's solo trek across the northern Ungava Peninsula with his dog Buck. Clip from Discovery Channel Canada's show Daily Planet. produced by Jim Baird.

What do you think of this unusual little boat? Could you see yourself in it or know someone it would be right for? Certainly would not be good for big waves, but perhaps a different and portable way to get into skinny water if you're not big on kayaks or canoes.

What is the Ultraskiff 360 Watercraft? Short Video 2017

Check out our website!!! http://www.ultraskiff.com You don't have to be cramped in an unstable kayak or boat just because you want something small and portab...

Please play safe out there, folks. Stay off the ice until it's thick enough to support you and the vehicle you're travelling in!

Snowmobile goes through Stoney Lake

How important are sound and vibration when you're fishing through the ice? Click here to get the lowdown on the next big frontiers in hardwater angling. #icefishingfriday

Ice-fishing Friday: How to lure in more fish with sound

Ever hear of topwater ice fishing? Neither did we before we saw this video. The footage is a bit grainy but still pretty wild!

seanwitnl - "Icefishing 2.0 Credits: Simon Travassac" vi...

Have spiny water fleas invaded your local waters? Fishing editor Gord Pyzer explains how the invaders affect perch behaviour, and what you need to do to keep catching fish through the winter.

Icing Spiny Water Flea Perch

Are you passionate about waterfowl, waterfowl hunting and waterfowl conservation? Then this job might be for you!

Canada Regional Director

A tip of the hat to these COs and all involved in catching this poacher.

Wildlife officials urge jail time for Yukon poacher

After whitefish this hardwater season? Take ace ice angler John Whyte's advice to heart!

Ice-Fishing Friday: 5 wicked whitefish tips from one of Canada's top ice anglers

And now from the "Huh?" file, here's some questionable, if amusing, fish-filleting advice from Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt.

Watch Chris Pratt Make Gutting a Fish Look Charming

Planning a fishing or hunting trip in 2017? Do the moon's phases factor into your decision on when to go? If so, we just posted our 2017 Solunar Tables. Have a look and good luck.

2017 Fishing & Hunting Times

As you probably heard, Parks Canada is offering free admission to national parks in 2017. Do you think there's cause for concern for the resident animal populations, as some conservationists are claiming?

Conservationists concerned about free entry to Canada's national parks in 2017

The executive director of the Manitoba Lodges and Outfitters Association offers an interesting opinion on wolf hunting in his province. Agree or disagree? Why or why not?

The double standard on wolf hunting

Happy New Year from Outdoor Canada! Do you have any fishing or hunting goals you want to accomplish this year?
It's Ice-Fishing Friday. Have you been out yet? When you can, and you're going for early-season walleye, follow this advice. #icefishingfriday

Ice-fishing Friday: How to hammer first-ice walleye

Did you take a great fishing, hunting, outdoor family, wildlife or scenery photo in 2016? There's still time to enter our 6th annual photo contest, but not much! It closes at midnight on January 6. Click below for all the details on rules, prizes and how to enter. We look forward to seeing your pics and good luck!

Outdoor Canada

Looking for some new spots to fish, or maybe experience life on the trapline in 2017? Check these out.

3 wild winter fishing and hunting getaways for Canadians