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Sudarsan Pattnaik is a world famous sand artist from India - he creates huge sculptures on beaches around the world.
Jo Fidgen hears from a woman in America whose identity was stolen as a child and how the fortunes of one man changed after a bank error in meant he had a limitless overdraft.

Something Doesn't Add Up, Outlook - BBC World Service

Fiona Reeves selects ten letters a day from the American public to give to President Obama each evening.
(Photo credit: Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Reading the President's Letters, Outlook - BBC World Service

One of South Africa's top voiceover artists - Bongani Njoli - recorded a plug for Outlook. If you think you can do better, send us your attempt!

Record yourself promoting the show and email us at: outlook@bbc.com

My voice made me famous

Au Yeung Ping-Chi has put a creative twist on the Chinese funeral tradition of burning paper money. He makes paper models of items that symbolise the interests of the dead person to send to them in the afterlife.
Listen to the moment he spoke to the man who murdered his brother...

Phoning My Brother's Killer, Outlook - BBC World Service

"When I would show up on the scene, they didn't believe that I was actually the catcher until I caught the alligator."

The Texan alligator catcher, Outlook - BBC World Service

Take a look at Christy Kroboth in action...

She's an alligator catcher from Texas, USA, and rescues them so they're not killed.

[ Bbc.co.uk Link ]
Meet the Brazilian scientist who's spent his life studying lightning strikes...in the country which has more strikes than any other in the world .....a staggering 50 million each year!
“What are the chances that a couple of knuckleheads could actually go up to the top of this 20,000ft mountain and find anything?”

How Two Friends Found a Lost Plane

How to train a dog to sniff out truffles.

An Italian Truffle-Hunting Dynasty

In China, some people are going to great lengths to stop their cheating partners...

Extreme Marriage Counselling in China, Outlook - BBC World Service

When two baby owls were found alone, they needed a new home...

Raising owls at a famous British boarding school, Outlook - BBC World Service

An American woman allergic to her husband, lovers from Iraq who found each other during wartime, and a couple whose road to marriage began in an Australian sperm bank.

Outlook Weekend: Love Against the Odds, Outlook - BBC World Service

'For me it's a date with the ocean, I'm trying to impress!'

Mumbai's litter-picking lawyer, Outlook - BBC World Service

Afroz Shah is a lawyer during the week, but on weekends he has organised a team of volunteers to clean 4,000 tonnes of plastic, glass and filth from his local beach. The UN have called the project 'the largest beach cleanup in history'. [ Bbc.co.uk Link ]
In the Korogocho area of Nairobi robbery and sexual violence are a problem - and often elderly women are the targets. One fed-up resident decided it was time to fight back and she set up a martial arts class for senior citizens. Photos: TONY KARUMBA/AFP/Getty Images
Meet the Greek coastguard who is a saviour for people fleeing war by sea

The screams 'sound like war cries', Outlook - BBC World Service