In North Carolina hundreds of people, dressed as mermaids and mermen, have gathered to celebrate their love of underwater mythology

Underwater video: NC Photog/IT Jase
Don't miss today's podcast - the extraordinary Simonne Butler learnt to use her hands again after her boyfriend cut them off with a samurai sword.

My Hands Were Reattached After Attack
"If we let this music disappear then future generations are going to judge us very harshly"

On a mission to save gospel music
Braulio Thorne's team of visually impaired bowlers travels around the US competing in 10-pin bowling tournaments

Meet the blind bowlers of New York City
"Everyday you live with just one thought - where could he be?"

A Mother's Quest to Find Her Son
Braulio Thorne's team of visually impaired bowlers travels around the US competing in 10-pin bowling tournaments

Images from the documentary Bowling Blind
"When you're in prison and you get hurt or someone hurts your friend, it's payback."

In Prison with My Friend's Murderer, Outlook - BBC World Service
Enos Mafokate started out as a groom but went on to become South Africa's first black show jumper.

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Volunteers were heaving the whales upright, covering them with blankets, dousing them with water - and sometimes even singing to them...

The Race to Rescue Stranded Whales
"I use something called coco tan" - an impersonator reveals the mechanics of becoming the US President..

My life, impersonating President Donald Trump
Behind the scenes at the rescue mission to save hundreds of stranded whales in New Zealand.

Photo credit: Candida Beveridge
Meet the American actor who found fame through his impersonation of President Donald Trump...
A schoolboy who taught two baby tawny owls to hunt, a pilot so desperate to fly like a bird that he made his own wings, and the grieving woman who turned to a hawk for comfort.

Outlook Weekend: Birdbrained, Outlook - BBC World Service
"Bach's music entered my veins, my soul, my heart" - and hear how it transformed this Iranian pianist's life too

An Iranian pianist whose life was changed by music, Outlook - BBC World Service
"When I die will you and your husband raise my son?" the American nurse who was faced with an unexpected request from a terminally ill cancer patient she was helping

A Nurse's Agonising Dilemma, Outlook - BBC World Service
British food historian, Tasha Marks makes artworks that are also edible. Outlook was intrigued to hear that she was giving a Valentine's Day lecture themed around the history of aphrodisiacs. So we went along...

Tasha's website: [ Link ]
"One of my gramophones was designed to play records made of chocolate...but they usually got eaten first!"...the Italian Canadian with an unusual collection of gramophones...

The man with a passion for old gramophones, Outlook - BBC World Service
“Being a woman is complicated as I have to wax and I have tons of hair…and being a woman from the 1860s means I have to wear corsets!" ...Peruvian artist Christian Fuchs on the challenges of dressing like your ancestors.

The Artist Dressing Like His Ancestors, Outlook - BBC World Service
Peruvian artist Christian Fuchs transforms himself into his great, great, great grandparents and creates photos that mimic antique family portraits. Photos courtesy of Christian Fuchs.
A shocking insight into the fashion industry from a top model who says she had to starve herself to get onto the catwalk

I ate just 3 apples a day to model, Outlook - BBC World Service